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For over 18 years, has been offering top-notch web hosting solutions with affordable and reliable solutions tailored to your needs.

2003 Established 

2005 Established 

64+ Data Centers 

30+ Data Centers  

3000+ Active Servers 

3000+ Active Servers  

60,000+ Websites Hosted

60,000+ Websites Hosted 

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Reliable and Cheap VPS Hosting with Guaranteed Resources, Optional cPanel/WHM, Full Root Access & Free Setup.

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Discover the leading VPS hosting provider in India, offering combination of affordability, reliability, and feature-rich hosting.

Powerful VPS Add-Ons
Powerful VPS Add-Ons

Secure your data on the cloud with ease, at the most competitive pricing in the market. Enjoy the flexibility of affordable expandable SSD storage, ranging from 10 to 500 GB, tailored to your needs.

100% Hosting Control
100% Hosting Control

Get full administrative control over your hosting environment. Enjoy a range of benefits including rebuild capabilities, web-based VNC access, restart and shutdown options, resource monitoring, etc.

Instant VPS Provisioning
Instant VPS Provisioning

Save time and money with our immediate server setup, without any additional setup fees. Eliminate the wait time for server setup and enjoy seamless experience, at no extra cost.

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Self-Managed Linux
VPS Hosting with Best Features

Self-Managed Linux VPS Hosting

Discover the ultimate solution for those seeking total control over their server environment with's unmanaged VPS hosting. Our top-notch unmanaged VPS server plans empower you to customize and configure your server according to your specific needs and preferences, thanks to full root access.

With, you can expect high-performance SSD storage, advanced security measures, and a robust, scalable infrastructure that ensures unrivaled reliability and performance. Our affordable VPS hosting plans also include comprehensive monitoring, timely alerts, and round-the-clock access to expert technical support. Say goodbye to setup fees and long-term commitments as we provide transparent pricing with no hidden costs. Experience the freedom of self-managed VPS hosting with today.

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Linux VPS Hosting Plans Offer

Flexible and scalable VPS hosting platform to provide your website with everything it needs

Reliable Network Infrastructure

Reliable Network Infrastructure

We provide integrated DDoS protection at no extra cost, safeguarding your online presence against malicious attacks. Trust in our reliable network to deliver unrivaled performance for your hosting needs.

State-of-the-Art Server Hardware

State-of-the-Art Server Hardware

Our latest-generation servers are packed with powerful compute resources, ample memory, and lightning-fast SSD-based storage. Experience enhanced performance and efficiency for your virtual machines like never before.

Advanced Security Measures

Advanced Security Measures

With continuous network monitoring, we promptly detect and mitigate any suspicious activity, ensuring the integrity of your server and data. Our DDoS protection system safeguards your server from malicious attacks.

Linux KVM VPS Hosting

Linux KVM VPS Hosting

Our virtual private servers are designed to deliver top-notch performance, ensuring your website runs smoothly at all times. With our scalable server resources., you can easily accommodate the growth of your business.

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At, we offer web hosting plans for businesses of all sizes, so you can focus on what you do best - running your business.


Fully-managed VPS Hosting

With our fully managed VPS hosting, you can focus on your core business while we take care of the server management and maintenance tasks. Our team of experienced professionals will handle all server management tasks, including server setup, configuration, security patches, and software updates. You can rely on us to ensure the smooth operation of your server.

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Windows VPS Hosting offers Windows VPS hosting, providing you with a powerful and reliable virtual private server environment running on the Windows operating system. Whether you need it for hosting websites, running applications, or any other Windows-specific requirements, our Windows VPS hosting is designed to meet your needs.

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Dedicated Server Hosting

With dedicated server hosting, you have an entire physical server dedicated solely to your business or website.'s dedicated server hosting ensures you have complete control over your server environment. You can customize hardware configurations, select the OS of your choice, and install any software or applications that meet your specific requirements.

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Cloud Hosting

With cloud hosting, your website or application is hosted on a virtualized environment that draws resources from a network of interconnected servers.'s cloud hosting platform ensures high availability and reliability. Your website or application benefits from the resources of multiple servers, reducing the risk of downtime and improving performance.

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Self-Managed Linux VPS Hosting
Questions Answered

Uncover the answers to your questions about Linux VPS hosting. We've got you covered with this comprehensive FAQ section.

1. What is unmanaged and self-managed VPS hosting?

Unmanaged VPS hosting puts the responsibility of managing and maintaining your virtual private server in your hands. This encompasses tasks such as server setup, software installation, security measures, and backups. On the other hand, self-managed VPS hosting involves the hosting provider taking care of the hardware and infrastructure, while you take charge of managing your own software and applications.

2. What should you choose? Managed VPS or Unmanaged VPS?

When deciding between managed and unmanaged VPS hosting, it's crucial to consider your technical expertise and business requirements. Managed VPS hosting is ideal if you seek comprehensive support and want to prioritize your business over server management. On the other hand, self-managed VPS hosting suits those with technical proficiency and the time to handle server maintenance, offering greater flexibility and customization. Ultimately, your choice should align with your specific needs and priorities.

3. What is the difference between Self-Managed Servers and Managed VPS Servers?

Managed VPS Servers offer comprehensive server management services, including hardware and network management, as well as complete server administration. With Managed VPS Servers, our team takes care of all the technical aspects, providing expertise, advanced support, and proactive monitoring. This allows you to focus on your application and business growth, knowing that your server is in capable hands.

On the other hand, a Self-managed VPS Server is designed for those who have their own in-house IT experts. While we continue to provide support for hardware and network aspects, the server administration tasks are handled by your internal team. This means that your IT experts have full control and responsibility for configuring, optimizing, and securing the server according to your specific requirements.

With Managed VPS Servers, you can rely on our expertise and support to handle the technical aspects of server management, allowing you to focus on your core business activities. Self-managed VPS Servers provide flexibility for organizations that prefer to have complete control over server administration and have their own capable IT professionals to handle the task.