India’s Massive Data Breach: 81.5 Crore Citizens’ Information Leaked from ICMR’s Covid-19 Database

In a shocking turn of events, India recently witnessed one of the most significant data breaches in its history, with the personal details of a staggering 81.5 crore citizens exposed. This massive breach has sent shockwaves throughout the nation and raised concerns about the security of sensitive data in the digital age. The Breach: The… Read More »

Unveiling The Differences: Business Hosting, Shared Hosting, and VPS Hosting

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Safeguarding Privacy in the Digital Age: India’s Digital Personal Data Protection Act

The protection of individual privacy is crucial in today’s increasingly digital environment where personal data has become a valuable commodity. India, a hub for global technology, has made considerable progress by passing the Digital Personal Data Protection Act in recognition of the need to address this issue. This statute, designed to protect citizens’ personal information… Read More »

Small Business Website: Building a Strong Online Presence

Having a small new business idea is great, however, for a small business to succeed in the digital age, having a strong online presence is essential. A well-made website acts as a digital storefront, connecting companies with potential clients around-the-clock. However, there are several crucial components to creating and keeping a website, including development, small… Read More »

Cloud Hosting Solutions: Benefits and Drawbacks

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A Guide to Virtual Private Server and Virtual Dedicated Server

In reality, the words Virtual Dedicated Server (VDS) and Virtual Private Servers (VPS) relate to the same hosting service and are sometimes used interchangeably. The idea and functionality are largely the same across VPS and VDS. The terminology used by various hosting providers differs significantly. Some hosting providers refer to their services as “VPS,” while… Read More »