Know the Right Difference between Cloud & Virtualization

Virtualisation and Cloud Computing always go hand in hand. Most of the IT decision makers are confused between these two terms. The terms Virtualisation and Cloud Computing are often used interchangeably. Even though, both the technologies are similar, they cannot be interchanged, difference being substantial enough to affect your business decisions. Let’s understand the scope… Read More »

How to Increase IT security of an Organisation?

Security – A term which was not so popular a decade ago. Security was earlier in terms of financial safety and home safety. Now, this term plays a huge role in the Information Technology sector and gaining widespread importance. Security tops the priority list of almost all CIOs. Data breaches and Cyberattacks concern top decision… Read More »

What Should Companies Consider Before Adopting Docker?

Docker has been increasingly gaining importance emerging as a cycle-shrinking and cost reducing by DevOps. Though having certain misconceptions about Docker, organisations still continue to embrace containerization. However, Docker is successful in reducing costs and saving time. Organisations should consider the pros and cons of Docker implementation and then cast their vote of confidence and… Read More »

Predictions of Big Data in 2017

Big data has truly evolved very big. Big data has become a very important of company’s business strategies and IT infrastructure. It is no more a buzzword now. The process of storing, analyzing and storing big data is changing the entire way of doing business. Industry has already crossed the half way of the path… Read More »

Data security: Rethinking the perimeter

Business computing is the new buzzword these days. It is happening everywhere, offices, homes even on smart phones. Because of this, one can witness the transformation so caused in work as well. As per Harvard Business Review, every employee, company and even industry of the economy now deploy digital technologies.  And as per Okta’s recent… Read More »

IoT security: Challenges and tips for securing IoT

Internet of Things continues to increase across enterprises globally to unlock new business values. According to Gartner, around 6.4 billion connected devices will be used this year increasing to 20 billion by the end of 2020. As more and more organizations are availing the benefits of Internet of Things to gain a competitive advantage in… Read More »

Transformation of Commerce with Internet of Things

Even the most inane technology is becoming smart day by day starting from fitness trackers to coffee makers. This is just the beginning. The Internet of Things (IoT) is changing everything, changing the way consumers are ordering coffee filters to manage home security. The very material of commerce is revolutionizing. As mentioned earlier, it is… Read More »