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Linux VPS Hosting Plans

At, we have a variety of Linux VPS Hosting services, each with its own set of management
levels and VPS functionality. Each choice has been specifically designed to ensure that you get
a VPS that fits your particular specifications.

Linux VPS Starter

Small but high-performance VPS server with the same SSD-based storage as our much like our more advanced VPS Server plans.


2vCPU Core


500 GB Data Transfer

60 GB Storage

cPanel or Plesk (Optional)

Full Root Access

24x7 Support

30 Days Money Back

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Linux VPS Business

Our most popular VPS hosting now comes with even more processing capacity for database-intensive applications.


3vCPU Core


750 GB Data Transfer

90 GB Storage

cPanel or Plesk (Optional)

Full Root Access

24x7 Support

30 Days Money Back

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Linux VPS Enterprise

VPS server performance is important in high-resource, multi-application settings.


4vCPU Core


1000 GB Data Transfer

120 GB Storage

cPanel or Plesk (Optional)

Full Root Access

24x7 Support

30 Days Money Back

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Linux VPS Corporate

Wide database-driven or highly trafficked applications need enterprise CPU and resources.


6vCPU Core


1500 GB Data Transfer

150 GB Storage

cPanel or Plesk (Optional)

Full Root Access

24x7 Support

30 Days Money Back

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Fully Managed Linux VPS Hosting
with Enterprise Best Features

Complete ControlComplete

Self-Managed VPS Hosting. Effortlessly get the power and flexibility you need. Total control with full root access and optional control panels.

Host multiple websites Host multiple

Save time, labour, and cost by using a single virtual private server (VPS) / VPS Hosting to host multiple websites and customers.

Strong PlatformStrong

To meet our 99.95 % uptime SLA, our VPS servers (Virtual Private Servers) are supported with redundant infrastructures such as multiple network connections, RAID disc arrays, twin power supply, and generators.

Create your own hosting environmentPrivate Server

With Linux VPS Hosting, there are no more drawbacks to conventional web hosting. Build your own hosting environment with a Best VPS server from the by using PHP.ini scripts, plugins, and web server setup.

Exceptional PerformanceExceptional

Our VPS servers / (VPS) Virtual Private Server are built using the latest virtualization platform and underlying Dell/HP hardware to ensure consistently high performance.

Limitless Data Transfer Managed VPS

Every Managed VPS Hosting includes 24x7 excellent Technical Support and expert assistance to keep your Linux VPS server running up-to-date with security patches, OS updates, and more.

Customizable Disaster Recovery SolutionRemote Data

You can configure backups once every 15 minutes or once every hour with the optional R1Soft Backup solution, depending on your requirements.

Choose your preferredOptional Control

Available control panels for all Linux VPS Hosting services include cPanel or Plesk. The Control panel is a web-based interface that allows you to manage multiple websites and their functionalities.

The Fully Managed VPS Hosting plan provides good care for all the major tasks of the server such as maintenance of the server, installation and the improvement of applications, and significant Web security.

VPS hosting offers like a middle ground between shared and dedicated server hosting. A physical server (also known as a host or node) is digitized and separated into multiple virtual private servers (VPS), each of which has its own CPU, memory, server storage, bandwidth, and full root access. Our Linux VPS hosting is excellent for websites that get a lot of traffic or have the potential to generate a lot of traffic.

Why Choose for Linux VPS Hosting?

Stand out in the era of the Internet with fully managed Linux VPS hosting for your business website needs from, allowing you to focus on your core business.

24x7 Support

In managed VPS hosting we get proactive customer support and on-site hardware support to guarantee 99.95% uptime.

Fully Managed

Managed VPS Hosting maintains your server up to date with security patches, operating system updates, and other important updates.

Proactive Monitoring

Proactive Monitoring of hardware & network by our VPS hosting experts to detect performance issues and bottlenecks.

Industry Experience

With industry presence & experience spanning over 15 years, your website is in safe hands with!

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Frequently Asked Questions Fully Managed VPS Hosting

There are no minimum term commitments you need to agree to with our VPS Hosting plans. You can cancel your VPS Hosting plan at any time by simply contacting our billing team via the client area.
We backup our customers' servers for our own internal disaster recovery procedures only, which we cannot restore for you on request. You may opt for offsite backup solution with us to maintain your own copy of backups, which may be used for restoration if required.
Our VPS packages are powered by Hyper-V hypervisor.
Yes, you have full administrative access to your server, so you are free to customise and install the control panel and applications that best fit your specific needs. Please note we cannot provide support or assistance on third party control panels that we do not offer directly. We therefore recommend choosing cPanel or Plesk if you need a control panel on your server.
With as the VPS hosting company, getting started with VPS hosting is straightforward. Simply pick one of our Basic, Advanced, or Superior VPS hosting solution based on the resources your website requires and continue the sign-up procedures. You can readily upgrade to extra resources from your client dashboard once you have a subscription.
24x7 technical support via live chat, email and phone.
Yes. Just like a dedicated server, you have full control over your VPS with root/SSH access for Linux servers and administrative RDP access for Windows VPS servers.
Yes. Just like a dedicated server, you have full control over your VPS with root/SSH access for Linux VPS servers and administrative RDP access for Windows VPS servers.

The term "Virtual Private Server" (VPS) is an acronym for "Virtual Private Server." Let us break it down: as the name implies, it is a private server, which means it will be exclusively yours. A virtual private server (VPS) provides you with a set of resources that you do not have to share.

It is like having your own dedicated or private server, except it is just virtual. In this case, "virtual" refers to a partition on a real server that is exclusively yours. This virtual server gives you root access, allows you to install your preferred operating system, and allows you to work on your project completely independently.

We take care of the backend operations, maintain the actual servers, and ensure speed, availability, and stability so you can concentrate entirely on your business.

Inside an inter setup, a VPS hosting environment resembles a Dedicated Server. The host server provides dedicated resources to each VPS hosting server, guaranteeing optimum stability and efficiency.

There are some similarities between VPS and shared hosting, they are essentially different services. Small projects, such as personal blogs or similar sites, are the topic of Linux shared hosting services. Shared hosting may create difficulties for projects that need many resources or a lot of traffic.

So, for bigger sites, VPS hosting is advised. VPS hosting, on the other hand, gives you exclusive access to your resources. Each VPS hosting plan gives you more control over your resources. Manage your CPUs, RAM, root access, and operating system.

The disadvantage of VPS hosting is that, while we take care of the backend and server monitoring, which we perform 24/7 a day; we can only offer limited support to your project in terms of customer service. We can answer questions on VPS hosting and control panels, but not questions regarding programming or coding.

VPS hosting is the greatest option if you want dedicated resources for your business at cheap prices. This provides excellent reliability and eliminates the possibility of interruption or security risks from other organizations that use your shared web hosting. VPS gives freedom, root access, stability, and high performance in terms of website loading speed.

Yes, you certainly can! The benefit of utilizing the best VPS hosting service is that it empowers you to do just that. It gives you the full command over your project! To meet your requirements, offers a variety of Linux-based operating systems.

Absolutely. The VPS hosting platform at is customizable. With a single click, you can add additional RAM to your current plan or upgrade your plan to a higher CPU, RAM, and storage.

That is not the situation with Our VPS hosting users get a managed VPS service, which means we take care of more technical details of your account. You'll be able to use the cPanel (for Linux VPS) and Plesk control panels in the same way you would with a shared hosting account to manage your hosting and website regularly.

Every company has different needs, so consider not just the benefits of a plan, such as whether it is a super-fast SSD VPS, but also what you want you are hosting to do. The two must be suitable if you want to get the best VPS hosting package for you.

You must also make sure that the VPS you are using is appropriate for your website and services, such as whether you need Linux or Windows VPS hosting.

If you need assistance, our product experts would be happy to talk to you about your needs and help you choose the right plan for you.


Customer Service supported by professionals


Zwave inc

Mr. Israr Ahmad (ZWave Technologies Pvt. LTD)

Host has been an incredible service provider to my company for years, supporting my VPS solutions. I could not be more impressed with their response time, communication, eagerness to solve problems (and explaining the problem), and overall customer service. Whatever the issue, critical or not, they exceed expectations on response times...often receiving support within just a couple minutes. Highly Recommended!! Thanks for being Incredible! -Israr Ahmad, CTO, ZWave Technologies Pvt. LTD.

NetiApps Software Pvt Ltd

Mr. Manoj Pillai, CEO, NetiApps Softwares Pvt.Ltd.

Host has built a great reputation in the industry for their shared hosting options. Their VPS solutions, with optional cPanel support, provide a nice and easy introduction to those that are new to VPS hosting and know their needs require more than a typical shared host. Starting at low price points, Host makes transitioning to a VPS plan reasonable and doable. Host’s strongest point comes from their state of the art datacenter. Featuring a fully-redundant network with no single point of failure and multiple bandwidth providers, uptime should almost never be a concern.

Matoshri College of Management and Research Centre

Mr. Yogesh Gosavi, Director, Matoshri College

Being in education sector it was important for us to have an online platform which can provide complete information about our college. The website needed to be interactive and user friendly and provide an online platform for admissions and registrations. We came across who offered us a complete solution including Domain Registrations, Website Development & Hosting services.

National Health Systems Resource Centre

Dr.Sanjiv Kumar, Exe. Director, NHSRC

We have moved our site to Host, and the support provided was excellent, we could not have done it without your help. “When comparing the performance-versus-price of VPS plans, Host is a solid value in VPS hosting. In addition to great pricing, they offer premium support and excellent uptime compared to other VPS options in the industry. If you’ve outgrown shared hosting, or need the flexibility and security of a VPS, Host is a great choice for you. We look forward to a long relationship.

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