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Prevent Hackers from touching your E-commerce Website

Prevent Hackers from touching your E-commerce Website Hackers always look to intrude in your e-commerce website to either gain control of your website or steal important data. For an e-commerce website owner, it is very crucial to protect their website and the customer’s data so that it doesn’t fall in the wrong hands which can… Read More »

How to Increase IT security of an Organisation?

  Security – A term which was not so popular a decade ago. Security was earlier in terms of financial safety and home safety. Now, this term plays a huge role in the Information Technology sector and gaining widespread importance. Security tops the priority list of almost all CIOs. Data breaches and Cyberattacks concern top… Read More »

Reasons why VPS Server Hosting should be preferred?

There is always a confusion in the web site owners, Which Hosting option to choose? . Though the best Dedicated Server hosting is considered as best, VPS hosting has a number of similar advantageous and it can satisfy the clients needs. VPS: Virtual private Server, it a technique where the physical server is partitioned into… Read More »

What is Firewall?

A firewall is software written for the purpose of securing your computer from the threats like hacking, Viruses and worms that try to enter your system from the network. Using firewall is the first step to make your system secured. It is the device or set of devices which is configured to either permit or… Read More »

A Detailed Overview of Tunneling

Tunneling Overview! Tunneling is the basis of VPN. Almost all the VPN works on a method called tunneling. Tunneling is the method used to transfer data from one network to another network in Network Infrastructure. The data to be transferred in frames of another protocol. Tunneling encapsulates the data sent by the sending node on… Read More »