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Whether you run a business website or a small personal blog,backups can make the difference between a complete disaster and a minor inconvenience. Our backup solutions are perfect for backing up an entire server or even a shared hosting account. We recommend you to choose backup storage that is at least three times the amount of space your website or server uses.

10 GB

A website backup is a huge insurance plan for any business owner and it is the first step towards ensuring that your data is safe from any type of disasters in the future. Managing a website is not as easy as it seems because there are always online threats which looms over vulnerable websites and ambush them in case they sense lack of security. All your data is stored on a server or a shared hosting account and thus it is essential to backup your entire server’s data so that you have duplicate files to turn to in case of a particular situation. Your data is valuable to your business and thus there should be always a backup plan which you can make use of a necessity.

As a website owner it should be your priority to keep your website safe and secure at all times so that there is no way that even a bit of information goes out of your website without your consent first. Hackers and online threats do not discriminate between a big or a small website and so they target those websites which are not safe and so the hacker chooses to extract the data and leak sensitive information. Choose a backup solution which is proven, reliable, fast and scalable so that you are always one step ahead in times of critical needs. along with R1soft offers an affordable server backup manager which is easy to use. A high performance backup solution which enhances recovery point objectives by reducing the backup process significantly. A reliable data protection solution, R1soft’s server backup manager takes a full snapshot of your data and continuously monitors the changes in your data to regularly keep the updated information in case there is even a slight change in your data. A user can even remotely backup all the data with easy backup schedules and total control through the backup manager. R1soft’s server backup manager provides the fastest and the most scalable performance ever on the Windows and Linux platform. The solution also allows management of multiple servers which are situated at locations and lets a user to restore files within minimum time frame.


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Zwave inc

Mr. Israr Ahmad (ZWave Technologies Pvt. LTD)

Host has been an incredible service provider to my company for years, supporting my VPS solutions. I could not be more impressed with their response time, communication, eagerness to solve problems (and explaining the problem), and overall customer service. Whatever the issue, critical or not, they exceed expectations on response times...often receiving support within just a couple minutes. Highly Recommended!! Thanks for being Incredible! -Israr Ahmad, CTO, ZWave Technologies Pvt. LTD.

NetiApps Software Pvt Ltd

Mr. Manoj Pillai, CEO, NetiApps Softwares Pvt.Ltd.

Host has built a great reputation in the industry for their shared hosting options. Their VPS solutions, with optional cPanel support, provide a nice and easy introduction to those that are new to VPS hosting and know their needs require more than a typical shared host. Starting at low price points, Host makes transitioning to a VPS plan reasonable and doable. Host’s strongest point comes from their state of the art datacenter. Featuring a fully-redundant network with no single point of failure and multiple bandwidth providers, uptime should almost never be a concern.

Matoshri College of Management and Research Centre

Mr. Yogesh Gosavi, Director, Matoshri College

Being in education sector it was important for us to have an online platform which can provide complete information about our college. The website needed to be interactive and user friendly and provide an online platform for admissions and registrations. We came across who offered us a complete solution including Domain Registrations, Website Development & Hosting services.

National Health Systems Resource Centre

Dr.Sanjiv Kumar, Exe. Director, NHSRC

We have moved our site to Host, and the support provided was excellent, we could not have done it without your help. “When comparing the performance-versus-price of VPS plans, Host is a solid value in VPS hosting. In addition to great pricing, they offer premium support and excellent uptime compared to other VPS options in the industry. If you’ve outgrown shared hosting, or need the flexibility and security of a VPS, Host is a great choice for you. We look forward to a long relationship.

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