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Windows VPS Hosting India
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Remote Desktop Access

Using Remote Desktop to manage your Windows VPS is one way in which you can tap into the full power that the platform can offer because you will be accessing the Windows GUI directly. From the Windows GUI you can perform all of the maintenance tasks that are necessary to keep your server running smoothly, including the installation of applications that are core to the running of your website and updating other applications on a regular basis so that they and the OS remain secure.

Plesk Control Panel

You can purchase a Plesk control panel license for your Windows VPS server so that you can use a web-based control panel to manage particular aspects of your VPS hosting. As VPS servers are a popular choice for individuals wanting to start their own web hosting business, Plesk can support this aspiration by offering the features necessary for creating your own web hosting plans and managing your own web hosting clients.

IIS 7.5 Web Server

Windows Server 2008 is the operating system available with every Windows VPS server and with this comes IIS 7.5, the latest version of Microsoft's web server application. IIS 7.5 can be used for the hosting of websites that have been developed using a multitude of scripting languages including Microsoft's own ASP.NET and open source options including PHP.

SmarterTools Bundle

All of our Windows VPS servers will also come accompanied with a SmarterTools bundle consisting of SmarterMail for email account management and webmail access, SmarterTrack for the monitoring of support tickets and SmarterStats so that you can view statistics surrounding those visiting your website as you can then apply this data to any future SEO campaigns that you perform. SmarterMail will be good for 250 email accounts, whilst 2 agents can use SmarterTrack and SmarterStats has a limit of 50 websites with this bundle.

Windows Explorer

With a Windows VPS server you will be able to use the Windows Explorer to manage your files with ease. As this is a feature that forms the central part of the Windows GUI, if you are use to using Windows on the desktop then this method of file management of a Windows VPS server will come to you naturally. With Windows Server 2012 Microsoft has been trying to move away from this type of interface in favour of the tile-based Metro interface that is synonymous with users of the Windows 8 preview builds.


As part of the SmarterTools bundle that we offer with our Windows VPS servers, you will be provided with a SmarterStats license for up to 50 domains that will provide you with a professional summary of the those who visit your website. As well as providing you with advanced and informative data about your visitors such as the web browsers that they are using and their IP addresses, you can also view the locations from which they originate and apply this to your SEO campaigns in a way that will allow you to achieve much more targeted results.

Hyper-V Platform

Hyper-V lies at the core of our Windows VPS platform and as it is part of the Windows Server 2008 operating system, it is able to offer Windows VPS hosting services that are unmatchable in terms of the performance and uptime that is achievable.

Scalable Virtual Servers's Windows VPS servers are offered with guaranteed assignments of disk space, RAM, CPU power and bandwidth; the guaranteed nature of these resources means that these are yours to use as you wish and no other users will have access to the resources that have been allocated to you. The architecture of a VPS server means that you can expect improved uptime and stability over shared web hosting – these resources can also be added to as your needs dictate.

RAID 10 Storage

RAID 10 combines the best of the RAID levels by taking the reliability and redundancy of RAID 1 and combining it with the performance advantages of RAID 0 to provide a storage array that is unlikely to incur data loss because of disk failure and will offer the performance necessary for the hosting of Hyper-V-based Windows virtual servers.

Fully Managed Windows VPS Hosting offers full 24x7 with our full range of web hosting products and this includes Windows VPS servers. Fully managed hosting may not be a massive benefit for experienced users who are capable of managing their own virtual servers, but for beginners it can offer a lifeline for when they are facing issues with completing specific server management tasks. Our 24x7 support can be contacted through email, live chat or telephone.

Latest ASP.NET Framework

With a Windows VPS server you can install support for any version of ASP.NET that you would like to use. We appreciate that you may be wanting to use web applications that use an older version of the framework and so you can download these from the Microsoft website for use with IIS on your VPS server. The latest version of ASP.NET that is available is 4.5, although you may wish to use versions 1.1, 2.0, 3.0 or 4.0 in your WIndows hosting environment.


SmarterMail is a popular mail server and webmail application package. Using SmarterMail you can create email accounts for a number of different domains using the intuitive web interface; from here you can offer your users POP3/IMAP access to their emails from a desktop email client or through the SmarterMail webmail application. As part of our Windows VPS server packages, we offer a SmarterTools bundle that include a SmarterMail license for up to 250 mailboxes free of charge.


MailEnable is a mail server for the Windows platform that can provide email services for an unlimted number of mail accounts, domains and mailing lists. Like all email servers you can be assured access to your email accounts through POP3 and IMAP, with SMTP mail transport also bult in. A basic version of MailEnable is available for free, but you can choose to purchase MailEnable Professional or MailEnable Enterprise if you would like to use more advanced features.

SpamExperts Spam Filtering

As an additional extra, you can purchase SpamExperts spam filtering for your domains to ensure that no spam emails reach your employees. Unlike other solutions that are available, SpamExperts applies a number of different filters to incoming messages; furthermore, as our central SpamExperts cluster is designed to handle millions of emails every day, you can be guaranteed that the latest tricks by spammers will be picked up and can then be applied automatically to future messages as they arrive. We offer a range of SpamExperts packages that are priced based on the numbr of domains that they can provide for.

Unlimited Domain Hosting

IIS on a Windows VPS server can be used to host any number of websites without any limitations. As IIS can be adapted to host websites that have been developed using a number of different scripting languages, there is always the opportunity to migrate all of your websites over to the VPS hosting environment. If you choose to use a control panel such as Plesk for the management of your website then you should take into consideration that the licenses for these applications may impose restrictions on the number of websites that you can host.

Windows Firewall

The Windows Firewall is a feature that is built into every version of the OS and can provide you with protection from a number of malicious attacks. Unless you are using other third-party firewall applications with your Windows VPS server, you should take efforts to ensure that the Windows firewall is enabled so that you are guaranteed the best level of protection available. Furthermore, you can configure which applications can pass through the firewall and any IP addresses that you want to block because this will ensure that the functionality of your server isn't impacted by having the firewall running.

Anti-virus Applications

The Windows operating system is renowned for being vulnerable to viruses because hackers target the OS the most simply because it's the most widely-used system on computers. It is because of this you should always use an anti-virus application on your Windows VPS server and schedule it to perform a full scan of your entire system on a regular basis so that any threats that are identified can be removed before they have a chance to cause a widespread infection on your server. Although there are a number of enterprise-class anti-virus applications, these don't usaully offer that much more protection than free alternatives such as ClamAV.

Remote Desktop Port Change

We can change the port that your Windows VPS server uses for Remote Desktop services to introduce an extra level fo protection for this direct method of access to your Windows server. By default any user with a Remote Desktop client will be able to view the login screen for your server if you leave the port unchanged and this could allow them to perform Brute Force attacks in order to gain access to your server. If you are the only one who knows which port the service is running on then the chances of your server being compromised through RDP are greatly reduced.

Scripting Language and Database Support

Windows web developers often make use of technologies that have been designed specifically for the platform, as ASP.NET and MSSQL Server are the perfect combination for developing a scalable web application that can fully utilize the features offered by the Windows platform. A number of other scripting languages are compatible with the Windows platform as well including PHP and Ruby; MySQL Server can also be installed to host databases that support applications developed using these languages.


If you choose to install MySQL Server on your VPS server then you can also install the PHPMyAdmin database administration tool if you have configured IIS to serve PHP scripts and pages. PHPMyAdmin is a suite of MySQL database management tools that gives you the facility to manage individual database tables and the data that these contain; the application provides flexibility through its web interface because it can be used on any computer that has a web browser.

Microsoft SQL Server Management Studio

Microsoft SQL Server Management Studio is the desktop MSSQL database management tool provided by Microsoft. As a Windows VPS server can support Microsoft SQL databases, if you choose to install the application on your server then you will need the Management Studio in order to be able to manage both your server and the databases that it is hosting.

Microsoft SQL Server Databases

Microsoft SQL Server is a powerful database platform that is only compatible with the Windows operating system, but offers Windows web developers a stable and scalable environment in which they can grow their websites and databases without any performance issues. As MSSQL Server is a commercial product, you will need to purchase a license for the Standard, Enterprise or Data Center editions; however, if you are looking to use the application on a more limited basis then the Express edition is free to use.

MySQL Databases

As an alternative to MSSQL databases, Windows also supports MySQL Server databases as MySQL is an open source platform and can be used to host any number of databases without any limitations. As a web developer you are most likely to use MySQL databases with web applications that have been developed using languages such as PHP, Ruby or Python.

Windows VPS Hosting at is powered by Hyper-V virtualization technology which is one of the most powerful and popular VPS hosting solutions available today. Each virtual server functions independently and remains isolated from other VPS hosting users hosted on the same node. Users have full root access and control over their own virtual server environment. VPS hosting is popular for its affordability making it perfectly suited for small to medium sized businesses.

All VPSs are setup on branded servers from Dell powered by Dual Quad Core Xeon processor. Each individual virtual server is allocated its own RAM and CPU to ensure complete security and stability for the hosted websites and applications.

With VPS hosting, users get full remote access to their part of the server. As a user, you are free to configure your server and install control panel or third party software/applications of your choice.

Users can expect the same level of features, functionality and reliability of a dedicated server. Combined with our superior customer support and technical expertise, you can enjoy the functionality of a dedicated server at an affordable cost of VPS hosting.

  Hyper-V Entrepreneur Hyper-V Business Hyper-V Enterprise
Monthly Pricing INR 1999 / month INR 2799 / month INR 4499 / month
CPU Core 1 Core 2 Cores 4 Cores
Hard Disk space 40 GB 60 GB 80 GB
Monthly Bandwidth 100 GB 200 GB 300 GB
Guaranteed RAM 2 GB 3 GB 4 GB
Plesk Control Panel Plesk 12 (optional) Plesk 12 (optional) Plesk 12 (optional)
Operating System Windows 2012 Standard R2 Windows 2012 Standard R2 Windows 2012 Standard R2
Dedicated IPs 1 Dedicated IPs 1 Dedicated IPs 1 Dedicated IPs
RDP Access
Managed Server
Uptime SLA 99.00% 99.00% 99.00%
Free Setup
Technical Support 24 x 7 24 x 7 24 x 7
30 Day Money Back Guarantee
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VPS performs and executes exactly like an isolated stand-alone server.
Virtuozzo Database Support Microsoft DNS Virtuozzo Power Panel MSSQL 2005 Express
Perl 5.8.0 Instant VPS reboot capability MS ACCESS Python Backup Restore Utility
ODBC Support IIS 6 SSI CGI-BIN PHP Perl MySQL, JDK Unlimited MySQL DBs SSL 0.9.7e
FrontPage Extensions Plesk Power Pack PHP 4.4.X or PHP 5.x Mailserver - MailEnable Unique IP Addresses
ASP, ASP.NET ( 1.1, 2.0 & 3.0 ) Host unlimited domains Webalizer FrontPage Extensions