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Domain Extensions – A factor towards Search Engine Optimization

August 16th, 2012 Comments off


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Choosing the right domain extension is a factor you should take into consideration from the point of view of Search Engine Optimization. If your website is primarily targeted at the India market or primarily traffic from India, it is important you ensure that you take into account the importance of having good rankings on Google India. If you search for the same terms on Google India and Google US, you will see similar but different search results for many search terms, because Google’s algorithm wants to provide the most relevant results to users of both countries and so the question is, surely Google must have an algorithm that takes into account what can be considered as “local” search results?

There are a few core aspects that will affect how high your listings are with regards to what we’ll call “local” and “relevant” search results – i.e. the differences between search results in Google India and Google US for the same search terms. One primary aspect is where your website is hosted.

India Web Hosting.

Having web hosting in your own country is an important attribute of Search Engine Optimization, because Google’s algorithm takes this into account when providing relevant search results for Google users in India. If you want to make sure  Google takes extra consideration to your website from a search ranking perspective, make sure you have your website hosted in India. At, our web hosting services are housed in our our datacenter in Nashik, India.

Domain name extension.

You also need to take into consideration the domain name extension. Who would primarily register a .in domain name? Indian companies and individuals, which is why this would also be a factor Google takes into consideration for more relevant search results on Google India. So whichever country your primarily traffic will come from, make sure you get web hosting in that country and a domain extension specific to that country – such as .in for India, for UK and so forth.

Run and own a blog? Improve your Search Engine Optimisation when you publish content!

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There are many simple and powerful ways you can improve the optimisation of the content on your blog to achieve better search engine rankings. In this post, we’ll detail some of the most important aspects that can help you achieve better search engine rankings.

Use proper article titles.

Do not use short article titles. Make them descriptive to what your article is about. While you shouldn’t add unnecessary keywords to your article, it can provide better SEO exposure by having a descriptive article title.

Make use of tags and categories.

You’d be surprised how useful the categories and tags function is in WordPress and other blogging software. Make use of them as they do help with your search engine optimisation.

Use relevant keywords for internal backlinks.

If you are backlinking to a specific area of your website in a blog post, make sure you use relevant keywords in the hyperlink text. And if you have external backlinks, if you don’t want to pass on SEO benefits to others and have search engine bots go to those external websites, make sure each hyperlink has a rel=”nofollow” attribute attached to the <a> tag of the hyperlink. You can install plugins that can do this for you automatically; but the plugins we’ve tried do not work for subdomains – for example, if your blog is on, the plugin will add a nofollow to any backlinks to the main site (i.e. So you can also install a WordPress plugin that does this for you so long as your blog is not hosted on asubdomain.

Add alternative text for any images you add in your posts.

When you upload an image or use an existing one, there is a section for Alt text. You may not think it’s useful to make use of this, but it is for a number of reasons:

  • It is required for compliance to XHTML Strict standards;
  • It assists those who are blind or partially sighted and make use of reader devices to read the alt tag of images to describe what the image is;
  • Google and other search engines take it into account.

Why does Google take the alt tag into account? Well, it’s an alternative description of an image, and Google takes this into account. Therefore it’s a good SEO measure.

Do not use too many backlinks per post.

Google is smart and can tell when you’re using too many backlinks per post. If you’re trying to improve the SEO of your internal pages, limit backlinks to two per post – and make sure they’re in context. Don’t just add backlinks for the sake of it, because your readers will definitely notice this even if Google may not.

Relation between Web Hosting and SEO.

October 10th, 2009 Comments off

As most are aware SEO is an abbreviation of Search Engine Optimization.It is important for getting organic search traffic to the website.Whereas,hosting is all about placing your website on the server owned by either you or by the Web Hosting provider.Here is some information about the relation between web hosting and SEO.


With the changing visitor choices and search methods,search engines have started to monitor almost every information which is related to the domain.This is something more than just the content on your website.

According to the search engine liking, backlinks or link building is considered to be the most essential aspect of SEO.Each backlink added to the list,acts as a bonus point in view of the search engine.Though,link building is not a laymans task.It is important for any website’s success to get backlinks from websites/domains that are hosted on different web host servers and with different IP addresses.The main intention should be,that the entire linkbuilding process must look natural.Incase most of the backlinks to your website comes from the same websites/domains,search engines may either think that you either own that domain/s or you maybe have purchased links from them.Here in both the cases, may create a negative impact in terms of seach engine rankings of your website.Therefore,it is necessary that the backlinks you get to your domain,comes from websites hosted on different servers from various locations that has different IP addresses to increase your authority in the search engines.

A straight forward approach to get online success is to adopt natural ways or pretend to be natural in the view of the search engines.The search engines bots determine the authenticity by validating the volume of backlinks coming from various authoritative websites hosted on different servers of different web hosting providers.

Therefore,if you are looking forward for a successful website, and with that intention,if you are setting up number of domains,it is advised to host it on different web servers offered by different web hosting providers.This move in SEO can help you achieve better results in the search engine result pages.Most of the web hosting service providers offer free dedicated IP addresses with their web hosting packages.You may contact your web hosts for inquiring about IP’s from different servers.Installing your website on such IP’s can prove to be fruitful and can save some extra bucks that you would have to pay to the other hosts for signing up for new web hosting packages.

There are various benefits of having a dedicated IP assigned to your website, one of the benefit from SEO point of view is that you are prevented from falling prey to the common IP assigned to the shared web hosting server that may be blacklisted by the search engines.If you are working on optimizing your website for particular geographic location,IP’s from servers from that region is the most effective way of geo targeting SEO.

Inaddition to this,it is required that you get your website optimized from a third party SEO firm or you may even use the freely available softwares that are already optimized.You may may even use such softwares on your server leased from the web hosting provider.Ofcourse not all web hosting packages offer you the privileges to install third party softwares onto the server. Usually, the web host offer such privileges with the Dedicated Server Hosting and VPS or Virtual Private/Dedicated Server Hosting packages,where you get the root or admin access to the server,with these packages you can install almost every third party softwares (ofcourse you need to check the terms of service of the host).

SEO with Google Caffeine.

September 1st, 2009 Comments off

So far the SEO was done with respect to the older versions of Search Engines, mostly Google Search engine. Google has changed its algorithms and now it is available with a complete new Search engine Google Caffeine. Google Caffeine is very fast compared to other Search engines and Google also. With this new invent the question arises that is there any need to change the SEO strategies and campaigning. caffeineseo

One thing is very advantageous with respect to the Google Caffeine, the results will be very relevant to the keyword or the keyword phrase entered. Try to compare the earlier results with the results with this new Google Caffeine. It is said that bit achieves 70 % of relevancy, and that is want by the people as well as SEO people. This Google caffeine works well with the Long tail keywords.

Many of the Search engines doesn’t do well with Long tail Keywords, this is probably what the users want. People usually enter the Long tail Keywords. SEO Experts will make the difference out. Google caffeine is concentrated on the keywords and the keyword phrases.

Google caffeine is a good Search engine for SEO’s. The SEO professionals will have to focus on the Keywords and the way they are used, as the relevancy would be the major factor in this search Engine. Quality back linking will remain highly important as well.

Google Caffeine has a great emphasis on Size, indexing speed, accuracy and other dimensions. In SEO point of view:

Increased Weight on domain authority and authoritative tag type, long tail keywords.
More Weight on exact match domain names.
A better understanding of the keywords and keyword phrase and synonyms.
A better tuning of videos and Search results.

It is great innovation by the Google taking care of the people which use it. People some times get bored up entering up keywords repeatedly and they don’t get the relevant results. It has made a good attempt to solve this issue. Also For SEO there is no need to change the strategy, the algorithm is changed by the Google itself that will help SEO Experts. Slowly and steadily we will get more knowledge of the working of this new Google Caffeine and we will make it out how we can implement it in the SEO techniques.

Secret Ways To Outgrow Traffic by Search Engine Optimization.

August 25th, 2009 Comments off

Anybody who is starting to build their own websites or already have one can use the following ways to outgrow the traffic to the website/s. Here I mainly concentrated my focus on the users using WordPress for their blogs.These are ways that would surely help you to improve traffic by optimizing the WordPress to achieve the greatest visibility for search engines.

Wordpress Hosting A) Structured Permalinks: As most of you might be aware, Permalinks can be a useful way to increase visibility for search engines. To have a URL such as “ Ways To Outgrow Traffic by Search Engine Optimization/” is much better than having a URL “”. You get an option in WordPress to change the structure of permalink.You can login to the Worpress Admin Panel,then choose Settings and Permalinks.Here you can find various options to choose the structure of Permalinks.

B) Content: The use of appropriate keywords in the content is of utmost importance.The title too must contain keywords that are also present in the content of the post.Your prime focus must be on the first paragraph and the closure part as search engine crawlers index this at first.

C)Header Tags: The header tags are basically used when assigning a title to the post.They have a numerical value associated with it.Later,these are of varying importance such as <h1>, <h2> etc. The H1 tag is basically used for your most important header, whereas H2 tag is used for sub titles and so on. To gain the best results, you may try variations in keywords in the H2 and H3 tags.

D) UTW and Meta Tag Descriptions: In WordPress you have various options to install different plugins.Amongst them UTW ie Ultimate Tag Warrior and Meta Tag description (MTD) plugins can be useful from a search engines point of view. The UTW simplifies the task of tag search. The MTD helps in optimizing the meta description for search engines inorder to index the website more efficiently.

E) Time On Site: According to the recent updates in search engines algorithm, it is important that the visitor stays at your website/s for longer time, therefore its a wise move to display links of different posts in the vicinity of the current post and keep them engaged on your site by offering them different links to other posts of the same niche.For this purpose, WordPress offers a plugin called “Related Posts”. You need to upload it using the FTP client into the wp-content > plugins folder, then you need to login to the admin area and via the WordPress admin panel, activate the plugin from Plugins page.

F) Sitemap: Adding a Sitemap to the website is important from Googles point of view.This helps the bots to crawl your website more efficiently,hence resulting into an improved rankings in the search engine result pages.Wordpress has eased your pain for hunting for one, you have range of different Sitemaps, but among them you must install a Google XML Sitemap.Not to mention that Google bots prefer an XML Sitemap.

G) Use Of Appropriate HTML Tags: Title tags and Alt tags assigned to the images, can actually help in improving the search engine rankings.The only caution that one must take is not to stuff the keywords in the alt tags nor in the title tags.

Word Of Mouth F) Backlinking: Building backlinks is the most important aspects of SEO.Its the volume and quality of backlinks from external websites that decides the rankings in the search engine result pages.This inturn results in an increase in volume of traffic.There are various ways to build backlinks, some of them are forum postings, blog commenting,submitting the site to social bookmarking sites etc.

G) Word Of Mouth marketing: As we all are aware that word of mouth is the most effective way of getting organic traffic to your website/s.People would usually prefer the products and services about whom they are aware of.It is more likely that people sign up for the services about whome they have heard of from someone else who have used the services or products previously.It is a common gesture of people who know you are more likely comment about you. Therefore it is advised to work on increasing a positive Word Of Mouth in addition to your efforts on the other above mentioned ways.

There are various web hosting service providers who offer cheap and affordable WordPress Hosting packages.You may wish to get in  touch with them to get a better understanding of the same.

Why Websites do not get Indexed by Search Engines?

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Why Web sites do not get indexed? is a very common question raised by many of the website owners.It is necessary to follow certain factors for search engines to index your web pages. A website that seems attractive to humans, may seem meaningless to search engine robots and spiders.

Until recently, search engine were unable to read flash contents,therefore a website that had content in flash was meaningless to search engines.Similar was the case with multimedia formats. The new algorithm is capable of reading and indexing almost all the formats and scripts. Except if you have used Java Script links for your website navigation,then search engines may sometimes not be able to find your webpages.

It is suggested to make use of search engine spider simulator to check the way how search engines see your website/s.

w3c Another reason for the website not to get indexed is an improper HTML coding.This too might avoid the search engine spiders to index your web pages.Though they are capable of dealing with minor error codes, but there are chances that they send faulty information to the search engine spiders.

It is suggested to make use of the W3C HTML Validator to check for any code errors in the HTML pages of the website.

404 code It is equally important to carry out a survey and an indepth research on the search practices of the users.Once you know how a internet user search for your products and services,you can include those search terms and phrases in your website contents.This is known as the on page search engine optimization which helps in increasing the organic traffic to your website/s.

Sometimes, incorrect information of status codes is sent by the web servers.When requested the web server must send ‘200 OK‘. Whereas, 302 or 404 codes are sent to the search engine spiders though the website is active and functioning well with a normal web browser. Due to such responses search engines assume that the website does not exist and hence does not index the web pages.

It is very important to take care of the above mentioned possibilities when you are trying to gain better rankings in the SERP.

You may refer Search Engine Optimization(SEO): The MOST Important factor of Online Success to understand the importance of SEO.

Search Engine Optimization(SEO): The MOST Important factor of Online Success.

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Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is one of the most important and crucial aspect for gaining success in the Online world.It ensures that more and more organic traffic reaches your website.It is also important to design the website in search engine friendly manner.This enables you to attract the search engine spiders, which inturn helps your website to gain success in the online industry.

Search Engines always give more preference to websites that have natural and free traffic.Its important that visitors reach your website in an organic manner and not through any paid advertisements.The search engines are supposed to be able to make out the difference between natural/organic links and paid links, therefore one has to keep a balance between the two. Most of the people are not aware of the ethical promotional methods of the websites, hence do not get the expected success.On the contrary if your website is well optimized, you would receive more traffic and hence better rankings and an improved conversion rate.

Search Engine Robot SEO is all about convincing the search engine robots that your content and quality is unique and useful at the same time. For that it is necessary to have relevant keywords and content of the webpages. Search engines give more preference to the content, than how well the website is virtually designed.Therefore, it is suggested to have good design alongwith good quality unique content in the webpages.It is necessary to design the webpages in search engine friendly manner inorder to get better rankings in the search engine result pages (SERP). Following these few simple yet important factors can impress the search engine algorithms.The algorithms cannot crawl the graphics and web designs, though as per the recent changes,Google bots are capable of crawling flash contents of websites. They can read the content present in the HTML pages of the web-site.

Search Engine Spider The SEO Experts take efforts to get the web pages crawled by the search engine spiders.By the process of site optimization they can lead the spiders to crawl the desired webpages.Site navigation and internal linkings are equally important for the success of the website.

Most of the people are actually unaware of the power and uses of SEO. Even a small amount of knowledge of SEO can assure better success in the online business.

Inaddition to SEO, it is equally important that your website is hosted on an appropriate server.A reputed and trustworthy web hosting provider can prove to be a wise decision. The server must be fast and reliable.It is always suggested to have a dedicated IP assigned to your domain to get better benefits in the search engines result pages,it also helps to gain a better trust rank for your website.

You can refer Key Aspects to Consider when Choosing a Web Hosting Provider for help on choosing an appropriate web hosting service provider.

Is there a need to hire a dedicated SEO Expert.

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As the number of the websites are increasing day by day, the awareness of the SEO has grown. People SEO their website in-house. A normal user is not aware of the number of SEO techniques and dint have the proficiency to SEO a website. He can just follow just simple steps and leave the rest on the Search engines.  When you think of doing SEO your basic need is to increase the SERP ranking. In this process it targets and attracts the qualified visitors to the website.

So doing all this in an organized way and to gain the result as expected, a professional SEO is the best option. SEO expert will follow a properly planned strategy which would be then used to implement various other steps required, which will in turn help you in better ranking. It maximizes the performance in the search engines.

SEO experts can work efficiently and dedicatedly and fulfill all the expectations of the clients. You can customize the requirements.

Can we look at the Advantages of hiring the Dedicated SEO expert.

Guaranteed increase in website traffic
Dedicated to the task of better ranking. img-seoexpert
They generate a brand able report.
They work offshore campaign in an efficient way.

The tasks they perform for your site.

Website Analysis
Keyword traffic analysis
Keyword competition analysis.
Meta Tag Analysis and updating.
Link Building.
Blog Posting
Social Bookmarking for the blogs and the sites.
Forum Posting
Article Writing
Article Submissions
Search engines submission
Manual Directory submission.
Press Releases.
Reports Generation for every task they perform.
Traffic Report
Directory Submission Report
Back links Report.

These tasks although can look simple, however are very tedious job to do. Proper tracking of the keywords using various SEO tools, keyword generations, meta tags and reporting with the same is also  important.

When you think of SEO, over doing anything can also harm your site ranking. You should know what should be done when. Daily checking the results and working accordingly on the site.It includes a proper sink between onsite and off site optimization.

We can conclude that for better,faster and effective results people should go for the SEO expert.

Link Building, An Essential Component of SEO.

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Inbound Links from quality websites play an important role in the growth of your website/s.The value of a website from search engines point Links of view varies according the number of incoming links from external websites with good PR.Building links is much similar to building relationships.There are various ways to build such relationships. One way to approach website owners is via Professional E-mails.Following an appropriate approach can yield you better results.

Your E-mail too could be considered as SPAM and land up in the recycle bin. Below are few guidelines when approaching someone for a business link sharing relationship.

Subject Line: It is very important to write an Effective Subject line which most describes your intention.Similar to Meta description of any website, a subject line too bears the same importance.Its the first thing that is noticed by readers. It is your first opportunity to create an impact and open doors of interest in the minds of the visitor.It is your only hope to start a healthy conversation.

E-mail Addresses: An appropriate E-mail address is the next important thing when approaching a future business partner.Most commit mistake of inserting the complete message in the address bar of the E-mail.An E-mail address should contain your complete name.This helps you to gain trust of the reader. I would suggest you to try and place yourself in the shoes of the receiver, this might help you to think from a receivers perspective.

Conversation Medium: E-mail is a great way of conversation.You can develop a positive relationship with the one’s with whom you intend to start a new business relationship.You can put it straight and hit the target, usually most of the people keep hitting around the bush,which results into waste of time as the expected partner might discontinue the conversation due to frustration of not knowing your intentions.In the meanwhile your mail should not seem that you are pushing hard on your marketing plan.Always be open to remarks and suggestions.Ask for a feedback at the end of the conversation, this can help you to improve your skills.

Know Your Targeted Audience: It is very important that you know your targeted audience.It is necessary to do some research before you send out an E-mail to people.Understand their business and suggest them how your proposal can yield them benefits.Bear in mind that you respect the time of the reader,hence keep the E-mail short and to the point. It is important that you keep every E-mail unique when sending any proposals to multiple website owners.

Follow Ups: If your E-mail is left unreplied, you must send an E-mail for the purpose of follow up.Also, make sure that you repond to the replies, queries and suggestions asap.

There should be a clear cut description of the reasons why anyone should link to your website/s.Unless they benefit something from offering you a link, people would not take interest in doing so. You may also include the details of other websites that have already linked to your website/s.

Importance of Inbound Links:

Strong Link Building a) Helps in increasing the traffic,

b) It helps your website to be crawled by the search engines and

c) Search Engines specifically Yahoo and Google, consider the volume and quality of sites that link back to your sites. The search engines would see your website to be important due to the number and quality of backlinks.Quality websites would mean, links from websites that has good traffic hence good rankings.

At the end, the only thing that I would like to suggest is that, you cannot always expect a positive response for every proposal you send across. Link building requires patience and hard work.Believe me Link building is one of the most difficult aspect of search engine optimization because it is a difficult and tedious task, but it is also the hardest element to measure.

SEO and SEM effective for Boosting the Productivity.

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With the ever increasing competition in any Internet business, it is time to double the efforts for promoting the businesses online.One should concentrate the focus on improving the usability, productivity and the rate of conversion. Following are few useful guidelines that can be helpful for online promotion and marketing of almost any online business.

A) Content: Content is the most essential and important factor for any websites success.The website must have content that is unique and useful.The web pages must contain terms and phrases that are used by visitors when searching for a particular product or services.This determines how a visitor would reach your website.The webpages must contain contents that are relevant to your products and are more often searched by visitors.

B) Press Release: Press Release is covered under the search engine optimization (SEO) campaigns. It is important that you submit your SEO websites to Press Release websites on a consistent basis. One simple yet effective way to increase branding, revenue and traffic, is to place the client names in the release.

C) Customer Testimonials: Customer Testimonials play an important role in gaining trust of visitors to your website. You may ask customers to provide a feedback for the services and products you offer. You may also ask them to provide a review on Google Local, Yahoo Local and Live or MSN.This would also help you to improve your word of mouth campaign.

D) Blogs: It is a well known fact that search engines love Blogs as it contains rich and fresh content.Most of the online marketers do not realize the efficiency of Blogs attached to the main website.Blog contents get indexed faster than the content updated on the main website/s.The business blog content offers ease for sharing your views and ideas across the industry. Its a great way to exhibit your knowledge over the Internet.Integrating Blogs with the main website helps in increasing the credibility. It is important to keep the blog updated on a regular basis. Blogs have proved useful for attracting new customers.

E) PPC (Pay Per Click): Pay Per Click is another way of getting traffic to your website/s in less amount of time. But, with the recent changes in the algorithm, search engines are able to differentiate between natural link building campaigns and paid links.Therefore, it is recommended to use natural link building techniques for better results. PPC is considered to offer short term benefits as compared to Natural or Organic SEO.

Google Analytics F) Website Analysis: There are many analytics programs available in the market, but it is recommended to opt for a program after a bit of research. Google Analytics is one such program that can help you to analyze the statistics of your website.

LinkedIn Logo G) Linked In: Linked In has become one of the most useful and effective way of reaching to potentials.There is no  charge for registeration on Linked In. It has gained reputation as a nice social networking site.You can make use of this website to increase the productivity of your business.You get to check the back ground information of the businesses that have registered in this website.You have the option to join the groups that are of your niche or interest.

Twitter Logo H) Twitter: Twitter too similar to Linked In have emerged as a great medium for online business promotions.Similar to any social networking site,twitter is been liked by most of the SEO and SEM experts.Over there you have the options to search for groups of your liking and ultimately join them. Twitter can be used to update people following you about the recent changes and modifications. If used correctly, you can pull loads of traffic to your website/s.