Dedicated Hosting: Perfect for High-Traffic Sites

Are you about to choose dedicated hosting for your website? But, you don’t really know if it is worth your budget? Of course, you want to select the best possible option in a specific budget, and you may think of skipping dedicated hosting to save costs. But, before making any decision, here are the reasons why should you consider a dedicated web hosting plan. The ROI which you will be getting after choosing dedicated hosting makes it a totally wise choice. Let’s see how dedicated hosting is going to scale up your business.

The Definition – What is Dedicated Hosting?

The term ‘dedicated’, implies that you have an entire server just for your website! So, the businesses that have extremely high traffic or bound to have in future should undoubtedly go for dedicated hosting.

When you get a server of your own, you are free to do any sort of changes to it. You can customise the computer, resources, system, add & upgrade software, hardware, reboot when you want to, and a lot more things.

So, you will be in full control of your server; you don’t have to worry about anyone or anything. Nobody’s website issues will invade into your website’s resources, make your website vulnerable to viruses, or affect the performance of your website. You are fully isolated and an actual owner of all the resources.

The Game is Based on Performance

Everyone likes their website to load faster and suffer less bounce rate. Customers want the websites to be extremely fast, even in their low internet connection. 2 seconds! Yes, 2 seconds is the threshold time for which people wait for a website to load. Are you getting my point here?

Whatever the type of your website may be, people will still want the loading time less than 3 seconds; else they are going to bounce apart!

Increase Speed with a Dedicated Server

Again, let us consider the service of shared hosting. The resources are divided for the number of websites you share your space with. It is kind of a ‘First Come, First Serve’ basis, whoever comes earlier grabs the best seats.

Then comes the VPS hosting, where you get a fixed amount of resources so here the invasion of space is out of the question. But, still you have a limit, and you can’t have full control over your space.

Although, if you choose a dedicated server, then you become limitless. But that doesn’t mean, your server doesn’t have any limit, of course, the RAM and bandwidth have a limit; it is too high. Besides, you can choose the limit. And, do you really think that you are going to meet that limit with just one website? Or even with multiple ones for that matter. It is a rare phenomenon.

The main advantage is that your server doesn’t get exhausted by serving a million requests of different websites at any given time. Hence, its capacity to operate at maximum brink increases manifold.

Benefits of Dedicated Hosting You Can’t Disregard

In the above paragraphs, you have already seen many apparent benefits of having a dedicated server, but the list is not over yet –

Enhanced SEO

Faster ranking sites give you faster results, and in turn, more rapid revenue. This fact is a no-brainer. The search engines also use the mechanism called, time to first byte as one of the weighty measurement methods to rank websites.

So, in simplest terms, faster websites will rank up higher than the slower loading websites in the search results page (SERP) of Google.

Improved Revenue

The website speed is directly proportional to the customer experience which drives the rate of conversion, and it further impacts revenue.

A slow website will definitely have less traffic as people will bounce away from it.

Nothing more than 3 seconds is permissible because every extra second of your website’s loading time takes away approx — 7 % conversion rate.

Every extra second of delay your website takes to respond will contribute to 11% lesser page views and 16% lower customer satisfaction.

Do you know, approximately 46% of people leave their shopping cart site as it is and bounce out because of slow website speed?  That’s a lot of money lost! So, increase your revenue by choosing the correct cloud service provider for hosting your website, website security, and disaster recovery. Taking appropriate steps will ensure your business continuity stays intact.

Increased Options for Customization

You will be having a server full of resources just for your website(s), which implies that you can customise the features that you want to enhance your website. You can fully use your given resources without any restrictions.

Besides, a highly optimised and customised website will look way cooler and make your customers stay if you make it convenient, easy, and attractive to their eyes.

Summing Up

Every web hosting type has some or other benefits. It is not that the different hosting plans are bad; they wouldn’t have existed else. The only point is, dedicated web hosting can increase a lot of benefits with very few limits, which you mostly don’t meet. If your website is already having a lot of traffic or it is going to increase ahead, for example, e-commerce or value-based website; then you must consider dedicated hosting.

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