SEO with Google Caffeine.

So far the SEO was done with respect to the older versions of Search Engines, mostly Google Search engine. Google has changed its algorithms and now it is available with a complete new Search engine Google Caffeine. Google Caffeine is very fast compared to other Search engines and Google also. With this new invent the question arises that is there any need to change the SEO strategies and campaigning.caffeineseo

One thing is very advantageous with respect to the Google Caffeine, the results will be very relevant to the keyword or the keyword phrase entered. Try to compare the earlier results with the results with this new Google Caffeine. It is said that bit achieves 70 % of relevancy, and that is want by the people as well as SEO people. This Google caffeine works well with the Long tail keywords.

Many of the Search engines doesn’t do well with Long tail Keywords, this is probably what the users want. People usually enter the Long tail Keywords. SEO Experts will make the difference out. Google caffeine is concentrated on the keywords and the keyword phrases.

Google caffeine is a good Search engine for SEO’s. The SEO professionals will have to focus on the Keywords and the way they are used, as the relevancy would be the major factor in this search Engine. Quality back linking will remain highly important as well.

Google Caffeine has a great emphasis on Size, indexing speed, accuracy and other dimensions. In SEO point of view:

Increased Weight on domain authority and authoritative tag type, long tail keywords.
More Weight on exact match domain names.
A better understanding of the keywords and keyword phrase and synonyms.
A better tuning of videos and Search results.

It is great innovation by the Google taking care of the people which use it. People some times get bored up entering up keywords repeatedly and they don’t get the relevant results. It has made a good attempt to solve this issue. Also For SEO there is no need to change the strategy, the algorithm is changed by the Google itself that will help SEO Experts. Slowly and steadily we will get more knowledge of the working of this new Google Caffeine and we will make it out how we can implement it in the SEO techniques.

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