Relation between Web Hosting and SEO.

By | October 10, 2009

As most are aware SEO is an abbreviation of Search Engine Optimization.It is important for getting organic search traffic to the website.Whereas,hosting is all about placing your website on the server owned by either you or by the Web Hosting provider.Here is some information about the relation between web hosting and SEO.


With the changing visitor choices and search methods,search engines have started to monitor almost every information which is related to the domain.This is something more than just the content on your website.

According to the search engine liking, backlinks or link building is considered to be the most essential aspect of SEO.Each backlink added to the list,acts as a bonus point in view of the search engine.Though,link building is not a laymans task.It is important for any website’s success to get backlinks from websites/domains that are hosted on different web host servers and with different IP addresses.The main intention should be,that the entire linkbuilding process must look natural.Incase most of the backlinks to your website comes from the same websites/domains,search engines may either think that you either own that domain/s or you maybe have purchased links from them.Here in both the cases, may create a negative impact in terms of seach engine rankings of your website.Therefore,it is necessary that the backlinks you get to your domain,comes from websites hosted on different servers from various locations that has different IP addresses to increase your authority in the search engines.

A straight forward approach to get online success is to adopt natural ways or pretend to be natural in the view of the search engines.The search engines bots determine the authenticity by validating the volume of backlinks coming from various authoritative websites hosted on different servers of different web hosting providers.

Therefore,if you are looking forward for a successful website, and with that intention,if you are setting up number of domains,it is advised to host it on different web servers offered by different web hosting providers.This move in SEO can help you achieve better results in the search engine result pages.Most of the web hosting service providers offer free dedicated IP addresses with their web hosting packages.You may contact your web hosts for inquiring about IP’s from different servers.Installing your website on such IP’s can prove to be fruitful and can save some extra bucks that you would have to pay to the other hosts for signing up for new web hosting packages.

There are various benefits of having a dedicated IP assigned to your website, one of the benefit from SEO point of view is that you are prevented from falling prey to the common IP assigned to the shared web hosting server that may be blacklisted by the search engines.If you are working on optimizing your website for particular geographic location,IP’s from servers from that region is the most effective way of geo targeting SEO.

Inaddition to this,it is required that you get your website optimized from a third party SEO firm or you may even use the freely available softwares that are already optimized.You may may even use such softwares on your server leased from the web hosting provider.Ofcourse not all web hosting packages offer you the privileges to install third party softwares onto the server. Usually, the web host offer such privileges with the Dedicated Server Hosting and VPS or Virtual Private/Dedicated Server Hosting packages,where you get the root or admin access to the server,with these packages you can install almost every third party softwares (ofcourse you need to check the terms of service of the host).