Link Building: One of the Most Important factor of SEO

By | July 23, 2009

LinkingIn Search Engine Optimization, Link Building is one of the most important aspects to gain good page rank. Below you can find some useful methods of Link Building. There are certain rules or guidelines that must be followed while doing this. It is always suggested to follow ethical ways of link building.

Keywords come first in the process of Link Building. You need to vary the targeted keywords in the anchor text. Many users do the mistake of inserting links behind the “Click Here” tab. One must have very limited number of such links on the website. Search Engines give more importance to the related links than the page rank, rather the page rank is probably decided on the incoming and out-going links to and from a website. The links should be distributed all across the web page and not concentrated on a particular part of the page.

Many newbies place multiple links on the website right from the very first day when the web-site goes live, I would stress on not doing so. It is recommended to gradually start increasing the number of links. There should be a gradual increase in the number of links per day. For example, if your site gets 10 links per day, you should not inc`rease it suddenly to 100 per day. Such sudden changes can be considered as spamming by the search engines and there might be a negative impact on your SEO effort. It is seen that search engines ban such websites as they consider that the site is involved in spamming. You should concentrate on the quality of the back links than the quantity. For the link building purpose, people usually try and bring external links from adult websites and online casino or Poker sites, now, that’s not recommended at all. Try to get links from websites that share the same niche as that of your website to gain better benefits in the search engine rankings.

Search engines, especially Google is supposed to keep a track of the IP Link Exchangeaddresses. It prefers links coming in from websites with different C class IP’s. You should keep a balance of links coming in from new and old websites. For new websites, reciprocal links can prove to be a good way of getting backlinks. One should keep a habit of building links for the internal pages also. Submitting the website URL’s to different directories is an effective way of link building, while doing so it is important that you select the appropriate category else the link might be deleted their admins. The duration of the link displayed on such external directory websites too plays an important role and is seriously considered by search engines sand box filter. You can opt for paid links, this can assure your URL to stay on the website until you make the payment.


Google is seen to have made some major changes in the way of ranking websites. One among them is the co-citation system, hence you need to be choosy while selecting the backlinks. Google pays strict attention to the IP address, domain age, domain name, location etc. in addition to the backlinks. If you are targeting customers from a particular geographical location, it is important for you to submit your directories from those locations.

Black Hat SEOOne should strictly avoid the un-ethical ways of SEO’s in other words it is termed as “Black Hat SEO” techniques. Initially you may find those to be working well for you , but in the long run you may have to pay much bigger price for that. It is always suggested that you have a dedicated IP assigned to your domain no matter what web hosting package you have signed up for.