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Benefits Of Load Balanced Dedicated Server Hosting.

June 22nd, 2009 Comments off

Now-a-days, Load Balanced dedicated servers are one of the highly LoadBalancing demanded server architecture solutions in the world of Web Hosting. Large enterprises and organizations prefer load balanced dedicated servers than any other web hosting solutions, due to the reasons explained below:

To understand the benefits of Load Balanced Dedicated Servers, it is important for you to understand its Architecture. You can refer the following link to educate yourself about the load balancing architecture. Load Balanced Server Architecture

Load Balanced Servers for Increased Stability

It may happen sometime that a server hardware may face some problem or at times even fail to operate, in that case if it is load balanced, the other dedicated server/s can take over and act as a Primary Server enabling Load_Balanced_Servers website/s to be online even after the failure happens. Once the problem is rectified and the server is brought back online, the website data is again fetched from it. In such cases depending on the severity of the problem, the server hardware is either fixed or replaced. Incase if  the server wouldn’t have been into a load balanced architecture and had it failed, the website would not had been accessible until the problem was sorted.

Load Balanced Servers for Increased Response Time

Load balancing is nothing but different servers that act as a single server. It is important that the website or the content is available for a visitor all the time. From a visitors point of view, it is important that the website is accessible whenever required. A bad or slow response time can be a major reason to loose a customer. Anyone would expect a faster load time of the website, this expectation can be easily satisfied with a  Load balanced architecture, as it speeds up the response time as more than one servers are active, each processing the request. A load balancer is used to distribute the load of the server.

Understand Why or When do you need a Load Balanced Dedicated server solution

One must first know the load time of one’s website/s. If you realize that the response time is slow though you have a faster processor with fair enough RAM, you should think of an option of load balancing the servers. Even if you have a mission critical website and you simply cannot afford to keep your website offline for even few hours, Load Balanced Dedicated server is the perfect solution. You can log into the server and check the CPU utilization, incase you aren’t sure of if you actually need a Load Balanced Server architecture, you can get in touch with our Sales team for assistance.


Load Balanced Architecture can be provided with Linux Dedicated Server Hosting as well as Windows Dedicated Server Hosting solutions.

Cheap Web Hosting For Small/ Mid-sized Business Websites

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Many are usually reluctant to create their own websites due to the botheration of the expensive web hosting solutions, unaware of the fact that, with the ever increasing competition in the web hosting business, there has been a substantial decrease in the costs of the web hosting packages. It has become fairly affordable for small or mid-sized businesses to create their own websites and host it with web hosting providers that offer cheap and affordable web hosting solutions.But, the selection of such a web hosting provider should be made carefully, as many make use of such words to attract customers. There are few criteria’s that one must keep in mind while choosing an affordable web hosting service provider.

Web Hosting Every business is established with an aim of expansion, so it is suggested that you sign-up with a web hosting provider that offers flexibility of upgrading or downgrading the web hosting packages. This feature would be useful when your website/s become popular and start getting high traffic. Never get trapped in the typical marketing strategy of “Unlimited”, note that nothing is unlimited, everything comes with a cost to pay. You can find really cheap web hosting plans with reputed web hosting providers who have been in this business for quite sometime.

Uptime guarantee is one of the most important feature that should not be compromised on. A maximum uptime would mean that the website is rarely down. The more the uptime the better are the chances that the visitor would access your website. And more the visitors to your website/s, the better are the chances of conversion. Hence, one should hunt for a web hosting provider that offers atleast 99% uptime guarantee. There are many monitoring tools that can help you determine the uptime of the servers. It can prove to be useful for choosing a web hosting provider. But, now-a-days technologies are fairly reliable, hence it won’t be difficult to find a hosting provider who can satisfy the criteria of uptime.


Apart from the above mentioned criteria’s, a professional yet friendly customer support is one of the important features that plays a vital role in the selection of a web hosting provider. Usually, it is useful if the support team can be contacted whenever there is a problem with your website or server. You must look for a host that operates 24x7x365 and offers  prompt support via Live Chat, E-mails/tickets and phone.

If you haven’t built your website and planning to build one, you can search for web hosts that offer free website building tools alongwith the web hosting package. Choosing a web hosting provider, who are pre-equipped with offerings for any of your web hosting needs.

You can find number of web hosting plans that are most appropriate for small or mid sized businesses and ofcourse are cheap and affordable. Before designing a website, it is important to decide the true motive of it, with this it means, whether the site would be offering information, or would it be an online sales website (eCommerce)? Make a list of all the requirements and get in touch with your short listed companies. Check for the one’s that best suits your requirements.

Inorder, to figure out a reliability of a web hosting provider, you can do some research in the forums or even visit their customer testimonials.

Overview Of ASP Web Hosting.

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Active Server Pages Hosting or ASP Web Hosting is a type Web Hosting solution for Windows Servers. ASP hosting in short means that a web Active Server Pages (ASP) hosting service provider offers support for ASP. An embedded ASP code is inserted into a website HTML page, transforms it to a dynamic data driven website. If a website is developed in ASP, the pages can change according to the action of the users.

An ASP code allows to link web pages to database. An individual can interact with the web pages by logging in and apply their own personal.

In order to understand this better, it is important for oneself to firstly understand ASP. ASP is an abbreviation of Active Server Pages. They are HTML pages that contain embedded ASP scripts. This helps in creating dynamic database driven web-pages, a user can access data in a database as well as interact with page objects such as Active X and Java Components.

If a visitor enters an URL in the browser or clicks on a web page one is ASP Logo requesting to send a file to the his/er computer, it is in a form of normal HTML format. When their browser receives the web page it would look exactly the same as it does on the server. Whereas, if an ASP file is received by the users computer, the ASP code could be the current date, or time etc.

Windows Hosting Logo Today there are many web hosting providers, that offer support for ASP. It is more secure to host a website that is developed in ASP on a Windows 2000 Server due to its stablility and most of the ASP components work well with Internet Information Services (IIS). You do not have an option other than hosting your website on a Windows Server, as ASP is a Microsoft product and does not support Linux. Hence, one can also search for web hosts that offer Windows Web Hosting services.

Benefits of Linux Dedicated and Windows Dedicated server Hosting

June 6th, 2009 Comments off

Windows Hosting Linux Web Hosting Hosting a website on a Linux Dedicated Server or Windows Dedicated Server might seem little expensive if compared with shared web hosting, reseller web hosting or VPS web hosting. There are further benefits of having a site hosted on a dedicated server, it offers 100% reliability and stability. It enables oneself from avoiding various experiences such as server overload, scripts from other users, bad codes etc.

Web Hosting You get complete administrative access to the server, which enables you to install applications and software’s of your choice. Whereas, a shared web hosting server does not provide root access to the server. A dedicated server is assigned with dedicated IP addresses, hence the threat of IP blacklisting can be avoided. The dependency on the web host gets largely reduced for a web-site hosted on a dedicated server. This inturn reflects in saving time for addressing the issues. Having a dedicated server hosting package, you can offer instant support to your clients hosted on the server, which is not possible if you have a shared or reseller hosting package.

In any business to grow, prompt and reliable post sales support service is crucial. Word-of-mouth plays a vital role in a business to attain peaks of success, this can be achieved by having a business website hosted on a dedicated server with dedicated resources assigned for you.

A dedicated server hosting has proven to be highly effective for large business websites as well as for Web Designers, Graphic Designers and Web Developers. With a dedicated server you get 24 hours access to the server, which can enable you to resolve your clients issues by addressing it without a waste of second.

Inaddition to that, if you have your website hosted on a Fully managed dedicated server, the headache of managing the server can be shed out. You are not required to manage the upgrades, security patches, and other server management related tasks with a fully managed web hosting solution.

You must be very careful while choosing a web hosting provider as well. Before choosing a host, you must get reviews about them, read their customer testimonials in order to ensure their services. You must make sure that a fully managed web hosting provider offers 24×7 post sales support, flexible upgrade/downgrade options, maximum server uptime, professional but friendly support staff etc.

Drupal Web Hosting : Explained

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Drupal is one among the different Open source Content Management Systems (CMS). It enables a user with an ease to publish, organize and manage large variety of content on a web-site. Many enterprises and Organisations use Drupal for their Community Portals, Blogs, E-commerce and other purposes.
Drupal Logo Many web hosting service providers offer Drupal Web Hosting packages. Once a relevant domain name is chosen, you can choose an appropriate web hosting plan. You should be clear with your web hosting requirements such as bandwidth, disk-space etc. The web hosting provider can suggest you the best suitable plan for hosting your Drupal website. Drupal offers  an advanced portal with collaborative book, search engines friendly URLs, online help, roles, full content search, site watching, threaded comments, version control, blogging, news aggregator. Drupal can be installed through cPanel which can be used with any Linux Hosting package.

Drupal application is developed by PHP and can be run against MySQL and PostgreSQL. Hence, one should search for a web hosting provider that offers support for PHP alongwith MySQL database support and PostgreSQL. Therefore, a Linux Web Hosting package is the perfect for your requirements. It is also important that the web host enable mod_rewrite module.

A hosting control panel along with the package can help you in multiple ways for managing the account. It can ease you to use the tools to create MySQL or Postgre SQL database as well as grant the access to others. You can execute back-ups as well  as restore it. With a control panel, you get an editor to modify the Cron jobs, which is extremely important for shared web hosting solution. There are many tasks that needs to be run at the same time, hence a permission to change the Cron file proves helpful for the Drupal Webmasters. With it you also get the privilege to access permission of the file and directory.

Before choosing a web hosting provider, you should get convinced about the connection speed between the web server and the database server. Usually, due to un-optimization of the connection speed between the two servers can run Drupal real slow. A stable server environment is very important for Drupal. One should make use of the review websites and customer testimonials while choosing a web hosting provider.

Advanced Security Features Offered With Windows 2008 Web Hosting

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Security is one of the major worrying factor in communication across the Internet. Windows Server 2008 can be considered as one of the most secure Windows Servers. There has been an improvement in the operating system and security, which includes Network Access Protection, Read only domain controller and Federated Rights Management. All of these improvements provide unprecedented levels of protection for network, data and hence the businesses.


With improvements in the Windows Server 2008 Edition, it offers protection for users against intrusion and failure of servers, user accounts, networks and ofcourse the data.

With the feature of Network Access Protection, computers not complying to an organizations policies can be isolated. On going compliance checking, network restriction and remediation are some more additional features available with Windows Server 2008 Edition.

With the Read Only Domain Controller, users are enabled of setting up Active Directory Domain Services at the same time restricting duplication of full Active Directory database to increase protection against server theft.

Windows 2008 Server Web Hosting is on of the latest hosting solutions offered by web hosting providers. Windows 2008 Server edition is also equipped with new virtualization tools (HyperV), security enhancements and Web resources. These features help customers save time and cost. It enables customers to gain better control over their servers and optimize web configuration and management activities.

Windows 2008 Server Edition offers support for various technologies as Windows Server System listed below:

IIS7 Web Hosting
Silverlight Web Hosting
MS SQL 2008 Hosting
ASP.Net 3.5 Web Hosting
PHP Hosting
Sharepoint Web Hosting

IIS 7 is used by Windows Server 2008, it simplifies web server management. IIS 7 offers simplified, task based management interface, integrated health management, better across the site control and security enhancements.

Windows Server 2008 is more flexible and robust Windows Server OS till date. It is more versatile and reliable than any other Windows platform, as it covers the features such as Server Core, Windows Deployment Services, Clustering technology, PowerShell and Enhanced Networking.

DNS propagation And the time consumed : Explained

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DNS (Domain Name Server) is the next thing after domain registration and web hosting package purchased from a web hosting provider and the websites files are uploaded onto a server. Once all these tasks are completed it takes time for the DNS to get propagated.

Domain-Name There has been a common question raised by most of the clients when DNS propagation is executed. But, before explaining about DNS propagation, it is important to get yourself educated about how DNS works. When a website is set-up on the server of a web hosting provider, a Master DNS record is created in the Domain Name Server (DNS). The Domain Registrar points to your web hosting providers DNS server as they are the master authority of your domain. When a visitor is in search of some information/service/product that is available on your website, the request first of-all goes to the registration database to find out who the DNS authority is for your website. Then getting information from there it points to your hosting providers DNS servers to get information of IP address assigned to your web site. This way the visitor is in a position to view your website.

The problem in this complete procedure is that, in order to fasten the rate at which the visitor can view the Internet, every ISP(Internet Service Provider) caches their DNS records. With this it means that they make their own copy of master records. And hence read from them locally instead of looking from the Internet everytime a visitor wants to view your website. This method is used to improve the speed of internet surfing.

Each company or ISP who caches the DNS records updates them after every few days, henceforth, delaying the time taken by your website to be viewed by others over the Internet. There isn’t any standard interval set by web hosts, they can set the time between some hours to many days. This slow updation of servers cache is known as propagation, as your websites information of the DNS gets propagated across all the DNS servers over the web. As the cache time is different for all the severs, it may take anywhere between 24 to 48 hours maximum (at ideal conditions) for the DNS changes to be applied.