Advanced Security Features Offered With Windows 2008 Web Hosting

By | June 2, 2009

Security is one of the major worrying factor in communication across the Internet. Windows Server 2008 can be considered as one of the most secure Windows Servers. There has been an improvement in the operating system and security, which includes Network Access Protection, Read only domain controller and Federated Rights Management. All of these improvements provide unprecedented levels of protection for network, data and hence the businesses.


With improvements in the Windows Server 2008 Edition, it offers protection for users against intrusion and failure of servers, user accounts, networks and ofcourse the data.

With the feature of Network Access Protection, computers not complying to an organizations policies can be isolated. On going compliance checking, network restriction and remediation are some more additional features available with Windows Server 2008 Edition.

With the Read Only Domain Controller, users are enabled of setting up Active Directory Domain Services at the same time restricting duplication of full Active Directory database to increase protection against server theft.

Windows 2008 Server Web Hosting is on of the latest hosting solutions offered by web hosting providers. Windows 2008 Server edition is also equipped with new virtualization tools (HyperV), security enhancements and Web resources. These features help customers save time and cost. It enables customers to gain better control over their servers and optimize web configuration and management activities.

Windows 2008 Server Edition offers support for various technologies as Windows Server Systemlisted below:

IIS7 Web Hosting
Silverlight Web Hosting
MS SQL 2008 Hosting
ASP.Net 3.5 Web Hosting
PHP Hosting
Sharepoint Web Hosting

IIS 7 is used by Windows Server 2008, it simplifies web server management. IIS 7 offers simplified, task based management interface, integrated health management, better across the site control and security enhancements.

Windows Server 2008 is more flexible and robust Windows Server OS till date. It is more versatile and reliable than any other Windows platform, as it covers the features such as Server Core, Windows Deployment Services, Clustering technology, PowerShell and Enhanced Networking.