Benefits Of Load Balanced Dedicated Server Hosting.

Now-a-days, Load Balanced dedicated servers are one of the highly demanded server architecture solutions in the world of Web Hosting. Large enterprises and organizations prefer load balanced dedicated servers than any other web hosting solutions, due to the reasons explained below:

To understand the benefits of Load Balanced Dedicated Servers, it is important for you to understand its Architecture. You can refer the following link to educate yourself about the load balancing architecture. Load Balanced Server Architecture

Load Balanced Servers for Increased Stability

It may happen sometime that a server hardware may face some problem or at times even fail to operate, in that case if it is load balanced, the other dedicated server/s can take over and act as a Primary Server enabling website/s to be online even after the failure happens. Once the problem is rectified and the server is brought back online, the website data is again fetched from it. In such cases depending on the severity of the problem, the server hardware is either fixed or replaced. Incase if  the server wouldn’t have been into a load balanced architecture and had it failed, the website would not had been accessible until the problem was sorted.

Load Balanced Servers for Increased Response Time

Load balancing is nothing but different servers that act as a single server. It is important that the website or the content is available for a visitor all the time. From a visitors point of view, it is important that the website is accessible whenever required. A bad or slow response time can be a major reason to loose a customer. Anyone would expect a faster load time of the website, this expectation can be easily satisfied with a  Load balanced architecture, as it speeds up the response time as more than one servers are active, each processing the request. A load balancer is used to distribute the load of the server.

Understand Why or When do you need a Load Balanced Dedicated server solution

One must first know the load time of one’s website/s. If you realize that the response time is slow though you have a faster processor with fair enough RAM, you should think of an option of load balancing the servers. Even if you have a mission critical website and you simply cannot afford to keep your website offline for even few hours, Load Balanced Dedicated server is the perfect solution. You can log into the server and check the CPU utilization, incase you aren’t sure of if you actually need a Load Balanced Server architecture, you can get in touch with our Sales team for assistance.

Load Balanced Architecture can be provided with Linux Dedicated Server Hosting as well as Windows Dedicated Server Hosting solutions.

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