Benefits of Linux and Windows Dedicated server Hosting

Windows HostingLinux Web HostingHosting a website on a Linux Dedicated Server or Windows Dedicated Server might seem little expensive if compared with shared web hosting, reseller web hosting or VPS web hosting. There are further benefits of having a site hosted on a dedicated server, it offers 100% reliability and stability. It enables oneself from avoiding various experiences such as server overload, scripts from other users, bad codes etc.

Web HostingYou get complete administrative access to the server, which enables you to install applications and software’s of your choice. Whereas, a shared web hosting server does not provide root access to the server. A dedicated server is assigned with dedicated IP addresses, hence the threat of IP blacklisting can be avoided. The dependency on the web host gets largely reduced for a web-site hosted on a dedicated server. This inturn reflects in saving time for addressing the issues. Having a dedicated server hosting package, you can offer instant support to your clients hosted on the server, which is not possible if you have a shared or reseller hosting package.

In any business to grow, prompt and reliable post sales support service is crucial. Word-of-mouth plays a vital role in a business to attain peaks of success, this can be achieved by having a business website hosted on a dedicated server with dedicated resources assigned for you.

A dedicated server hosting has proven to be highly effective for large business websites as well as for Web Designers, Graphic Designers and Web Developers. With a dedicated server you get 24 hours access to the server, which can enable you to resolve your clients issues by addressing it without a waste of second.

Inaddition to that, if you have your website hosted on a Fully managed dedicated server, the headache of managing the server can be shed out. You are not required to manage the upgrades, security patches, and other server management related tasks with a fully managed web hosting solution.

You must be very careful while choosing a web hosting provider as well. Before choosing a host, you must get reviews about them, read their customer testimonials in order to ensure their services. You must make sure that a fully managed web hosting provider offers 24×7 post sales support, flexible upgrade/downgrade options, maximum server uptime, professional but friendly support staff etc.

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