Overview Of ASP Web Hosting.

Active Server Pages (ASP)

Active Server Pages Hosting or ASP Web Hosting is a type Web Hosting solution for Windows Servers. ASP hosting in short means that a web hosting service provider offers support for ASP. An embedded ASP code is inserted into a website HTML page, transforms it to a dynamic data driven website. If a website is developed in ASP, the pages can change according to the action of the users.

An ASP code allows to link web pages to database. An individual can interact with the web pages by logging in and apply their own personal.

In order to understand this better, it is important for oneself to firstly understand ASP. ASP is an abbreviation of Active Server Pages. They are HTML pages that contain embedded ASP scripts. This helps in creating dynamic database driven web-pages, a user can access data in a database as well as interact with page objects such as Active X and Java Components.

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If a visitor enters an URL in the browser or clicks on a web page one is requesting to send a file to the his/er computer, it is in a form of normal HTML format. When their browser receives the web page it would look exactly the same as it does on the server. Whereas, if an ASP file is received by the users computer, the ASP code could be the current date, or time etc.


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Today there are many web hosting providers, that offer support for ASP. It is more secure to host a website that is developed in ASP on a Windows 2000 Server due to its stablility and most of the ASP components work well with Internet Information Services (IIS). You do not have an option other than hosting your website on a Windows Server, as ASP is a Microsoft product and does not support Linux. Hence, one can also search for web hosts that offer Windows Web Hosting services.


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