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What are error codes?

Different error codes relates to different family of error and it is has some meaning related with it. These are also called as HTTP Status code. Usually you get a error while connecting with the server. The error code is displayed instead of the whole description. These error codes tells the user about the status… Read More »

Overview of Ruby on Rails.

Ruby on Rails is an application framework for Web development which is written in Ruby, it is a dynamically written programming language just like Python, Smalltalk, and perl. It is often referred as RoR. It is an Open source for ruby language Rails uses MVC Framework. MVC is Model-View-Controller architecture which organizes the application programming.… Read More »

How to install Frontpage 1.1 extensions for Microsoft IIS server?

Installing FrontPage Extensions. These extensions are very important in order to directly publish site from FrontPage application. This means that the user will not have to use FTP for uploading files or any other method. How to install Frontpage 1.1 extensions for Microsoft IIS server? Steps: 1. Log onto Windows NT Server as Administrator. 2.… Read More »

Domain Name Status Codes

Domain Name Status Codes Whois records displays the detailed information for who is responsible for a domain name and other key information. In addition to the registrants and contacts for a registered domain name, WhoIs records display the status of a domain name. Each domain name has at least one status code but multiple statuses… Read More »

Key Aspects to Consider When Choosing a Web Hosting Provider

Today, web hosting is one of the most preferred and the most populated online business. You can find number of companies who offer hosting for Big as well as for Small businesses. This makes it tough for an individual to choose the best suitable web host to host a website. One can follow the below… Read More »

Dedicated Hosting: Get 100% Uptime with Mirroring Technology

Server Uptime has the maximum importance in the Internet world. Getting a Dedicated Server mirrored can help you stay online at any given point in time. Dedicated Server Mirroring is a concept that has been preferred by large businesses to carry out mission-critical tasks. “Server Mirroring” the name itself gives an idea of the technology.… Read More »