Can I change a domain or spelling of a registered domain name?

Can I change a domain name or change the spelling of a newly registered domain name ?

  • All domain registration are final. This is why it is very important to check your order thoroughly before submitting.
  • Once a domain is registered, the spelling cannot be changed.
  • You do have two opportunities to review domains and can back out of the order before you select to purchase the domain.

Minimum Required Information for New Domain Registration

1. Domain should be available for registration.
2. Domain should not be locked by the Old Registrar for any reason.
3. Compulsory Registrant Contact, Administrative Contact, Techincal Contact and Billing Contact details to be supplied to the Registrar.
4. Number of years to be specified for the domain registration.
5. DNS Name Server for the domain.
6. Lock / Unlock status for the domain.
7. Set Password for domain control panel.
8. If you wish to set different MX records, then, you need to provide the details of the IP addresses for the MX records.
9. Host records and A records.

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