Who can register a .CA domain name?

By | July 25, 2009

How to change the registrant owner for a registered .CA domain?

When a .CA domain is registered, a Registrant Account is created at CIRA – The domain registry for .CA domains. The registrant contact that is submitted and approved by CIRA at the time of domain registration cannot be changed as accepted their terms and policies during registration process of the domain name. The administrative contact can be changed, the techical & billing contacts can be updated by raising a Ticket [Email] at their HelpDesk.

The Registrant Contact can be changed by creating a New Registrant Account at the CIRA and the domain must be transferred to this New Account, the applicable fees have to be PAID before the domain is transferred to the New Account. The domain transfer for .CA domains is actually know as REGISTRY TRANSFER.

Required Information for .CA Domain Transfer

01. Current Registrant Contact Information
02. Reason for Registrant Transfer
03. New Registrant Account Information
04. Domain Name
05. Request from both the New Registrant & Current Registrant
06. Payment for Registrant Transfer Fees

Who can register a .CA domain name?

The Canadian Internet Registration Authority (CIRA) automatically applies private registration to the following legal types:

* Canadian citizen
* Permanent resident
* Legal representative
* Aboriginal person