Reseller Web Hosting: Easy Way to Earn Money

Web hosting is one of the fastest growing online businesses. More and more people are working out methods of having their own website. And, inorder to place it over the internet, one needs to lease server space from a web hosting provider. Here, web hosting resellers seek in an opportunity to become the middle agents and earn money. As a web hosting Reseller, one can purchase web hosting from a larger web hosting service provider and then redistribute the same space according to one’s custom configuration to other website owners.

Web HostingResellers are similar to entrepreneurs but act as middle man between the website owner and the web hosting provider. The biggest advantage of being a reseller is that you do not need to own the hardware or do any investment. It has been noticed that a reseller web hosting provider, offers much better services than the web host from they have rented the server. There are provisions by which the end user would feel that the hosting service that s/he uses, is actually owned by you. Resellers can choose their own servers hence are able to provide best of the services to consumers.

If done correctly, Reseller web hosting can prove to be a big profit making venture. The only thing one should determine is a good web hosting provider who’s services you are going to resell, the margin of profit that you wish to set and the level of support you intend to offer.

For Example, you lease a web space of say 1 Gb at a cost of $30 USD a month. Then, you resell 25 Mb each for $5 USD per account a month, which means you make $200 USD at the end of the month. So you make a profit of $175 USD a month. Generally, a user doesn’t use the entire allotted space. So, one can also opt for overselling the server space (depends on the parent web hosting company) to add to the profit. But this is not recommended.

Money GrowthThis income is recurring, and going forward as one has enough funds, can purchase additional web space and resell it. One does not need expertise in starting a reseller hosting business.

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