The Sprint Towards Cloud Hosting.

Cloud Web Hosting, Cloud Computing and Cloud Architecture are the latest additions of technology to the world of Web Hosting solutions. People are always in a search of more cost effective yet technologically superior options. Cloud hosting is supposed to be one of such innovations. Today, more and more business owners are testing options that are more practical and inexpensive for server needs and storage.

Experts have estimated that by the end of 2012, almost 80% of the Fortune 1000 companies would switch to some or the other type of cloud computing architecture, whereas 30% would be paying to build the architecture. Cloud architecture is much different than the traditional hosting architecture.

Terminologies Of Cloud Computing

Cloud Hosting is still in its beta stage, yet some of the web hosting providers have started offering these services to customers. It can be defined as a form of computing where resources are provided as a service over the internet. It enables the on-demand allocation or de-allocation of the central processing unit (CPU), as well as large-scale storage and network bandwidth.

In this kind of web hosting solution, the need for investment in costly hardware, software and licenses is not required. You simply need to add or remove from the cloud as per the requirements. The most beneficial part of this kind of such hosting service, is that it operated on a “Pay Per Usage” basis, which means customers pay for the amount of resources they use.

Today, the IT departments face frequent, enormous spikes load on a server, due to which one needs to buy additional hardware and software components inorder to cope-up with it. This drawback can be overcome by Cloud Hosting.

Cloud hosting can be made easily available, due to state of art data centers, highly efficient hardware and the best performing computing capability.

Outages and service interruptions are one of the major factors that create negative impact on the operations of any business. The appropriate cloud hosting solution can provide instant access to 24×7 technical support service inorder to get the issue sorted. With this solution, the percentage of Cloud Hostingdowntime can be dramatically slashed down.

Though, there are many advantages of Cloud Hosting, there do exist some threats as well. Experts are working on the threats such as security issues. The companies that have already started offering this web hosting service, deploy strict privacy policies inaddition to highly advanced security measures in order to protect the mission critical data of clients.

We hope that the threats are overcome soon and made available to the Web Hosting business.

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