Difference Between Cheap and Free Web Hosting

Cheap Web HostingA common mistake that individuals tend to do when looking for website hosting companies is that they simply browse the Internet for Free web hosting solution. And later when face problems with it, simply abuse the company and head off in search of another web hosting service provider. People easily overlook the risks involved in choosing Free Hosting solutions.

The first major risk is that the web host might be overselling the server space which would surely make an impact on the performance of one’s website. A website hosted on such servers would either run slow or may face unlimited downtime. Web hosts place several websites on a single physical server. Hence, the resources of a single server are shared by all the accounts on that server. Incase, any of the users hosted on the server indulge themselves into spamming, the search engines might block the IP of that server hence impacting other website’s hosted on it too. Mostly, such servers are highly unstable and unreliable. Such services though marketed as Free are not actually Free. You do not have control over your site, webhosts may charge others for placing their ads onto your website.
Another common problem with Free web hosts is, they do not offer the same level of technical support, hence you may find you to be placed in a long queue of pending issues.

It is always recommended that instead of searching for a Free web hosting provider one should try and search for Cheap Web Hosting. Professional and reputed web hosting providers offer cheap web hosting solutions. With it they place limited number of websites on a physical server. Usually, there is no overselling done by them. The support provided by Cheap Web Hosting providers is prompt. Many, reputed Web Hosting providers offer fully managed Cheap hosting plans.

Cheap web hosting plans are best suited for individual private websites, as the traffic to such websites is limited. Such websites do not require much resource, hence Cheap web hosting can be suggested to satisfy the website requirements. These plans are affordable and can play an important role in the success of your website/business.

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