Linux Web Hosting with cPanel Control Panel

Linux as a platform for web hosting has proven to be the most popular choice for businesses and individuals because the open source licensing of the operating system means that you won’t incur any charges when using the OS in any commercial sense; in web hosting this is passed on to consumers through the means of cheaper web hosting plans. offers Linux as an option with our full range of web hosting services, with the option to choose from a number of different Linux distributions on dedicated platforms; in all cases we will provide you with a secure hosting environment that won’t limit the functionality of your website to any degree. Linux shared web hosting plans are the most affordable and offer the resources and features you need to get a website online for the first time; we also offer 24×7 support will every web hosting plan so that you can ask our highly knowledgeable support team for assistance with the setup and configuration of your Linux hosting account. If looking to start your own web hosting business then you have a choice between reseller web hosting and VPS hosting; although both offer different hosting environments, there is relatively little difference in price, but the choice is necessary because not everyone will be experienced with server management. Businesses with the largest budgets can consider running Linux with one of our dedicated servers; a dedicated server is the ideal solution for well-established websites that receive high volumes of traffic monthly.

cPanel Control Panel believes that cPanel is the best control panel available for the Linux platform because of the features that it has to offer server administrators, resellers and consumers alike; there is also a market for third-party plugins for cPanel that you can use to improve the functionality of the control panel. For server administrators and resellers access to the WHM control panel is provided so that they can manage the relevant areas of their servers or hosting accounts; end-users or shared hosting clients have access to a separate control panel (this is the actual cPanel part), which has been designed to be far more intuitive and easier to use.

cPanel is highly effective in offering affordable Linux shared web hosting services; as a server administrator cPanel can benefit you in ways such as:

  • cPanel is available as either a VPS version or a dedicated server version so that you are able choose the package that can offer you the best level of performance from your hosting environment
  • You can create your own web hosting plans and clients through the control panel interface, or alternatively these activities can be integrated into the billing application that you use to manage your web hosting business and clients
  • You can install additional plugins such as the CSF firewall to improve the security of your hosting environment or Softaculous so that you can provide your own web hosting clients with additional features as part of their web hosting plans.

As an end-user with a Linux shared web hosting account, cPanel can offer you the following features:

  • You will be able to manage all aspects of your web hosting account through the web interface so that you don’t have to contact your web hosting provider every time you are looking to modify your hosting service
  • MySQL databases can be created through the web interface and managed using the PHPMyAdmin web application that accompanies all cPanel installations
  • If you don’t wish to upload your website via FTP then you can manage your website’s file structure using the built-in file manager.

If you decide to purchase a Linux shared web hosting plan from then you can be assured that cPanel control panel access will be provided as standard; this will provide you with options to manage all aspects of our hosting account with just a few clicks. If you choose a VPS server or dedicated server offered by then you will need to pay a small extra monthly fee if you wish to use cPanel; however, the cost is so low that it can be easily justified through the time savings that can be achieved with managing the server.

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