Start Your Web Hosting business with Cloud Server Hosting

Starting up your own web hosting business? Before you opt for a standalone Dedicated Server, VPS Hosting or Reseller Account, have you ever considered Cloud Server Hosting? It’s very similar to VPS Hosting, but the infrastructure on the back-end is entirely different – and that’s a good thing when it comes to online-critical e-commerce stores and business websites.

What’s the difference between VPS Hosting and Cloud Server Hosting?

The difference is the redundancy that is offered with Cloud Server Hosting. With VPS Hosting, your only redundancy is the node in which your VPS is hosted on. If the node fails, so does your VPS. With Cloud Server Hosting, if one node fails, another node takes over the operations of that failed node – and this occurs almost instantly, which equates to absolutely mininal disruption to your virtual server’s uptime and performance.

You get all the benefits of a virtual private server too (and some additional benefits), including:

  • Full root/RDP access (Linux/Windows respectively);
  • Wide choice of operating systems to choose from;
  • 2 dedicated IPs as standard;
  • Choice of control panels;
  • Fully managed service;
  • 99.995% uptime guarantee;
  • 30 Day Money Back Guarantee;
  • 24×7 Level I, II and III technical support.

Is there the possibility of any downtime with Cloud Server Hosting?

If there was an entire datacenter network outage, then yes; or in the event of an absolute datacenter catastrophe. However, unlike standalone server hosting products; regular hardware maintenance and upgrades, hardware failures or any other distaster will not result in loss of service by itself, simply because your cloud server will immediately be transferred to another live node. Comparing this to a standalone VPS, if the node on a standalone VPS fails, your VPS will fail with it.

So what happens when a failure occurs?

If a node fails for any reason, our network and system engineers are informed about this. However, as soon as a node fails, our system will automatically transfer all the services that would have been performed by that node onto another node; which means minimal disruption to your VPS and any services that would have otherwise been affected. Because of the back-end infrastructure and the decentralized node set up where there isn’t an immediate single point of failure unlike traditional hosting services; we are able to absolutely guarantee 99.995% uptime for each month you have web hosting with us, in accordance with our Service Level Agreement with you as a customer.

More information: Cloud Server Hosting India

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