Does Free Hosting Suit you? Paid Hosting is Always Available

By | September 23, 2009

With the growing number of websites and blogs, hosting needs are growing. With this, the people looking for Free web hosting are not less. There are a number of Web hosting companies that allow Free web hosting, so people get confused and may think why to pay for the hosting when they get it free. This is a very obvious question and can come into anybody’s mind.

Free web hosting services available include some good companies, offering good flexibility. Some of the companies offer you a unique domain name. And some of them require you to put the domain name in the subdomain under the primary domain. ( For Ex https:// Domain/sub_domain/ ). Some of the companies allow you to run CGI scripts. Free web hosts have something in common they provide limited disk space with 5 MB to 10 MB and keep these rules strict regarding data transfer. Also, it is mandatory to display the ads on your website.

One of the most unliked things about Free web hosting is when they put the advertisement on the website. They should allow some ads to be placed on personal web pages. This is where your freedom is challenged, in paid web hosting you allowed to place any type of ad, generally, pop-ups are liked.

As you are aware that in Free web hosting you are not provided with your own Domain name. This is one of the annoying things, you don’t have your own distinct identity on the web. Some companies do allow a distinct domain name, however with there own set of rules. Your site will be full of pop-up ads.

As posted above some companies allow you to run CGI scripts, however, the number of companies that allow this is very less. Most companies don’t allow you to install and run CGI Scripts. However, they can provide pre-installed scripts such as Guestbooks and counters.

If you really wish to have your own CGI scripts better is you should go for the Reliable Paid host. You should check the policies of the hosting companies. Before going for the web hosting package. The policies about the CGI scripts may vary from one hosting company to another hosting company.

When you have a fairly large website and you have used a lot of graphics on your site. You will face many problems with Free web hosting. Also, some of the point listed above makes people switch to paid hosting.

We can conclude that the web hosting you choose completely depends upon the hosting needs and requirements. If you have a relatively small website and don’t mind if they place a lot of ads on your site free hosting can suit you. One thing more about Free hosting is that you are not in control of your website, it is good for keeping your website alive on the internet.

So if you go through some of the reviews, Paid hosting is what you will opt for. Paid hosting offers you what you want, complete control of the site. No ads from the web host, CGI script, your own domain name, good amount of bandwidth, and disk space. Also, you will not have the different packages in the Free hosting as Dedicated hosting, VPS Hosting, and Shared Web Hosting.