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Valuable Tips To Speed-Up A Magento Cart

March 16th, 2012 Comments off

‘Magento’ is one of most popular CMS used by webmasters due to its excellent e-commerce website handling features. Magento eCommerce Platforms are scalable, flexible and suitable for online business growth. But still there are few cases in which webmasters are found complaining some sort of slow speed functionality with ‘Magento’. But still following are some tips and precautions, by using which you can fasten a ‘Magento e-commerce cart.

  • 1.4 Caching option is found enabled as by default, so one should not disable it without any proper requirement.
  • Use PHP Accelerator, Enable Compiler. Set 32 or 64 MB-Size of Quarry Cache and if possible disable the Logging time if it exceeds.
  • Keep Enabled all Keep-a-lives in Apache because there are the tricks where many HTTP requests can be built through a single TCP connection. So enabling it would improve loading time of your website.
  • Use Memory based file system i.e. tmpfs, this will enable your website to move fast
  • Use Plane catalog of products and the same for the categories also.

The above we saw were all technical tips now look at the following general tips.

  • If possible use dedicated server hosting for your Magento based website, this would allow you to use the Magento at its best level.
  • Keep the redirection as less as possible and make sure to check your output as W3C complaint. This is very important as any possible errors would make the browser slow.
  • Disabling server logging or at least keeping it at minimum level would minimize the disk writing frequencies.
  • Compile MySQL from source instead of your OS’s package manager
  • Swapping Apache for NginX or Lite-speed is beneficial, and if there is not such option available for such swapping then you are suggested to go for Zen Server,
  • Avoid installing any unnecessary Apache modules and DNS look-up is a time consuming element so avoid using many external sources for i-frames and images etc.
  • Regularly check out for any possible upgrades for your cart as it will enable you for advanced features and omission of any bugs which existed with your current versions.
  • Setting Apache mod-express to know how long file are to be cashed is also a good option available.
  • Use CDN (Content Delivery Network) for parallel transfer of static content.
  • Use z-lib, Compress output for output_compression;
  • Enable G-zip Compression in ht-access;
  • You can also optimize all the tables by repairing them, you would find this option in MySQL Admin.
  • Remove any unnecessary files from your server and try to find the web hosting services provider from the same geographical area from where you have the largest number of customers.
  • Use multiple web nodes-front-end server which can handle browsing and checkouts with ease.

By following these above operations you can certainly make a difference in the speed of your Magento Cart.

Read This Before Creating A New Drupal Node Or Getting A New Node Identifier From Module Code

October 20th, 2011 Comments off

Drupal is one of the most popular CMS on web hosting accounts. When you are new to Drupal and  you try to modify the code of a module directly so that you can add some features, In such situations you should be able to create several nodes from a single form. While doing this most of the newbies forget that one should never try to modify a core or make any changes directly to modules. You can either implement changes using hook_ and theme_architecture and if these are not supported then the safest option is to copy the function in which you want to make changes, and override it. This way the changes will remain limited up to your code and won’t affect after you override a module or Drupal core.
There are two ways to create a new Drupal Node or to get a newer Node Identifier. You can select one of the two you depending on your choice.
hook_nodeapi ()
hook_nodeapi() – This hook is not reserved for any node modules, but still it allows changes in modules  which affect on nodes, despite that module defines the node. One can turn off a particular operation of a newly created node and run other function as per requirements. If you want to repeat it when the nodes are saved then you can also use the ‘update’ operation.
hook_form_alter ()
By using ‘hook_form_alter ()’ you can perform many alterations before rendering a form. Another well known user of this hook is for addition of form elements to the node form. When you are altering a node form, at that time the node object is retrieved from $form[‘#node’]. Also remember that ‘hook_form_alter()’ works for all forms and if you want to alter a specific form then you need to use ‘hook_form_FORM_ID_alter()’ this hook.

An Overview Of Syndication Feed For Your Website

January 24th, 2011 Comments off

Many of us have heard about the syndication process of a website. Near about each website updates new content after a specific time interval, which causes for the feed and the same feed is called as syndication feed. I the past these were used with the blog so that people can know the recent content on that particular blog. Being successive on a large scale they very soon spread to websites. As syndication can help to each type of websites they are used almost all type of websites such as by news sites to alert people by latest breaking news, by picture and video websites to inform about latest uploads, Web Hosting services providers to inform webmasters about recent releases.

A syndication feed is in the form of static XML file which is created automatically when any new content is added. I can be also as a dynamic web page which includes latest updated items and omits the appropriate XML markup. A programmer need to use classes in 'System.ServiceModel.Syndication' to generate the syndication feed output on a web page. So the precaution of not interfering with the master page is necessary while doing this. After the creation of syndicated feeds page, one need to remove all the other content from that particular .aspx page. The only code exists should be of @Page directive.

Affiliate Business vs. Reseller Business

January 20th, 2011 Comments off

Affiliate Program is becoming a great weapon to promote web hosting services on the internet as an affiliate himself becomes a promoter of hosting business for his own profits. An affiliate can earn a good income if he works hard and succeed to arrange few big deals between hosting company and hosting clients. Web Hosting providing companies have developed a tracking system through which they generate a unique links for each affiliate which is further used for developing business of that particular affiliate. There are few methods which one has to understand before signing up for a affiliate program. Unlike a Reseller Hosting customer, there is no need to become a existing customer of that web hosting company for being eligible to become a affiliate program. In reseller hosting you need to purchase the hosting services from a web hosting providing company and then you can resell those services to another hosting clients, but affiliate business can be started with zero investment.

There are number of affiliate programs available on the internet from which you just need to calculate the output and select the best paying affiliate program. In other aspect of this business you also need to be sure about the service quality provided by that particular web hosting provider company because you only receive your commission until the customer refereed by you stays with the web hosting provider company. Most of the web hosting companies provides banners to make advertising easy for affiliate member. Affiliate member has to place this banner on targeted traffic generating websites backed by unique affiliate link assigned for his own account.

Upgrade Magento

December 7th, 2010 Comments off

Its involves certain level of risk while upgrading an application, thus its recommended to take

precautionary measure before jumping on to an upgrade.


Its very important to create a back up before you upgrade any application. This will ensure avoidance to any kind of inconveniences.

You can gather more information on how to perform an upgrade from the Official Magento Forum. Most of the issues related to the up gradation process are listed on the Official Forum for Magento with suitable resolutions provided. Many individuals find it difficult to execute a script upgrade, thus seeking assistance from an expert. Assistance from experts normally come with a monetary value accompanying them.

Updating Magento can be done easily by using Magento Connect Manager. It involves two steps to upgrade Magento, below mentioned are the two steps:


Step 1: Log in to Magento Connect Manager

You need to log in to the Magento Content Manager first. If this is the first time you are upgrading Magento, you need to prepare the down loader and then click Install. Refresh the page once the initial procedure is complete.

Step 2: Select packages to upgrade

Then you need to click on the Check for Upgrades tab. All the available upgrades will be published and highlighted in yellow. Then you need to select the “Upgrade to” option from the Actions drop down menu. The application will now start upgrading your Magento Store.

Many web hosting services providers provide various automatic applications and tools for installation and upgrades. Web Hosting providers provide customized Addons to assist you with the application upgrades, many also make sure that the requested upgrades are performed on your behalf. Its recommended that you create a back up before scheduling an upgrade on your account.

If you are facing problems installing Magento or Upgrading Magento, we recommend you to contact the support department of your web hosting service provider for further assistance.

Features of osCommerce : Part 2

November 26th, 2010 Comments off

We have listed more features of osCommerce below:
Customer Functionality:

  • Orders are stored in the database provided by your hosting service provider for expedited and efficient retrieval
  • Customer can check the order status and history
  • Multiple shipping and billing addresses can be maintained
  • Temporary shopping cart is available for guests
  • Search features are advanced and easy to use
  • Enhance your shopping expecience with interactive product reviews
  • SSL secured Transactions

Product Functionality:

  • Product Descritption based on HTML
  • Automatic displaying of specials
  • Option to show out of stock products and are available for purchase
  • Subscription to receive emails and newsletters

Payment Functionality:

  • Various forms of offline payment processing like cheque and money orders are accepted.
  • Online payment processing can be done by PayPal, 2CheckOut, and iPayment.
  • You can disable certain payment services based on zone basis.

Shipping Functionality:

  • Shipping modules are based on price, weight and destination
  • Quotes for shipping services are available Real-Time basis
  • Shipping services can be disabled according to the zone

Tax Functionality:

  • Tax implementation is quite flexible according to state and country
  • Different tax rates for different products

Help Desk Software : A great utility for your business.

November 24th, 2010 Comments off

Help Desk is one of the most important part of successful business as it is a unique point through which information about the problems is recorded and stored for future management. Both external and internal users can get benefit by using this software. Not only client but also the Web hosting solutions companies and Call centers are the most beneficiaries of this great utility because their operations are based on support services.

During the time when a particular issue reported by client to support staff of a company and it get solved all process need to be tracked and stored so that it can be useful at the occurrence  of same issue. Of course there are many repetitive issues and problems rise up and they need a very simple solutions but can consume the same time which it used at it’s first occurrence.  For avoiding this time consumption and staff’s effort using Help Desk is the most suitable solution. Now a days many businessmen check outs Help Desk facility before choosing any type of service from a company or organization, so it has become very important feature to adopt a Help Desk software to manage day to day issues. A well recorded and stored Help Desk can help to raise the management quality of a Company. As it keeps watch on every action and time consumed for it can be also a great resource which provide a good survey for future improvements of that particular company.

Features of osCommerce : Part 1

November 22nd, 2010 Comments off

osCommerce is an online shop e-commerce solution that offering a wide range of useful features that allows online stores to be functioning at a fast pace with ease, and is available for free as an Open Source based solution released under the GNU General Public License.

OsCommerce has been developing on a frequent basis to provide value adding solutions to its customers, continously making it easier for the store administrators to provide their stores to their customers catering to their unique requirements.

osCommerce is still in its development stage with a an objective to provide and improve many new features. Below mentioned are some of the features of osCommerce:

Basic Functionality :

  • All features are enabled by default
  • Object oriented backend
  • It is Multilingual with English, German and Spanish provided by default
  • It is compatible with all PHP 4 versions.

Installation :

  • It is easy to install
  • Web-browser based automatic installation and upgrade procedures

Layout :

  • Allows layout changes to be adaptive and easy to make
  • Allows easy integration into an existing site
  • Provides support for dynamic images

Administration /  Functionality :

  • osCommerce supports unlimited products and categories
  • Categories, products, manufacturers, customers and reviews can be Added/Edited/Removed
  • Support is provided for Physical (Shippable) and Virtual (Downloadable) products
  • Administration is secured with a Username and Password
  • Customers can be contacted directly via newletters or email
  • Backup and restore the database for easily
  • Genarate statistics for products and customers
  • Multilingual and Multicurrency support
  • Currency exchange rates are automatically updated
  • Support for static and dynamic banners with full statistics

Advantages of Softaculous over Fantastico

November 18th, 2010 Comments off

These days lot of discussions are going on superiority of ‘Softaculous over Fantastico. As Softaculous covers more recent updates it is more favorite of not only the webmasters as a consumers but also of many web hosting companies as providers. As Softaculous has 150 scripts which are dehighlighting the Fantastico which has near about 50 only.

I would like to share some important features of ‘Softaculous’ which keeps it much ahead in the race with ‘Fantastico’

  • Has much more scripts than Fantastico
  • More User friendly than Fantastico
  • Less time consuming Installation
  • Ability to Import scripts which are already manually installed
  • Ability to install Javascript Libraries
  • Ratings from the users who already have used by others are viewable.
  • Ability to take backup of applications
  • Overwrite option for already existing files.

As a statement from Softaculous, they will keep on adding more software applications into their catalog. Currently shared hosting owners are redirecting to Softaculous on a very large scale.

Low Cost Dedicated Servers in India for eCommerce.

October 7th, 2009 Comments off

If you have a website that is involved in eCommerce,a website makes an important aspect of your business.An eCommerce website requires maximum level of security.In addition to that,it is useful to have the complete access to the server on which your website is hosted.There are various web hosting solutions offered by web hosting providers but very few offer Low Cost Dedicated Servers that are reliable enough.

For some Dedicated Server hosting is not so well known concept.Usually most users when wish to start an online venture,the host sets up the account on a Shared Server.Such servers does not offer the maximum level of security and access to the server.In this type of web hosting,the server resources are shared between various users hosted on the same server.Such servers face greater security threats.Hence when you intend to start an eCommerce website,it is recommended to host your website on a Dedicated Server.With a dedicated server you get higher security and access to the server.You have the complete rights for making any changes to the server.The server is not shared with any other user,that means there is much lesser threats to your website.

Managed Dedicated Server Hosting India

There are several advantages of hosting your website/s on a Dedicated Server.Below are some  major points of having your website hosted on a Dedicated Server.

a) Server Security: A Dedicated Server adds majorly to the security of your website and your website data.Since yours is the only account set up on the server, unlike shared servers, the chances of mistakes made by webmasters gets majorly reduced.

b) Storage: A Dedicated Server is entirely leased by a single customer,therefore there is huge storage space for your eCommerce website,web pages,images and videos.Some Web Hosting service providers offer customization of dedicated server,hence you may ask for additional hard disk drive on your server just in case you run out of storage space.

c) Data Transfer: With a dedicated server you get more bandwidth for data transfer.The websites hosted on a dedicated server responds quicker than the ones hosted on other hosting types.So no matter how much traffic your website incur,the website would still get loaded faster and without any hassle.

d) Web Hosting Control Panel: When you have your own server, you have more opportunities to control its tasks and utilities.With a control panel,the server management becomes fairly simple.You can create,delete,modify etc accounts using the control panel.Different control panels are offered by different web hosts to manage Linux Web Servers as well as Windows Dedicated Servers.

Its not that Dedicated Server has advantages only, there are few disadvantages as well.The only disadvantageous factor is the cost for the server.Since the dedicated server is entirely leased by you,the web host does not have the chance to create any other account/s on the server, therefore,these servers as sold at more costs than the other hosting solutions.One can find many hosts who offer Low Cost Reliable Dedicated Servers.