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Keeping your Data secured and safe : Colocation arrangements.

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Data is the most important thing when you think of any business, it needs to be handles carefully, Security should applied to it in the most appropriate way. Most of the intruders logs onto your system for only data. The intruders can hack your data can get your business secrets and many more things. This all things which are directly or indirectly related to tour data can really harm your business deeply. Data loss is another thing which should be taken care off. What are the preventive measure for all this? If we think for the data loss as the major issue, co-location arrangements is the best option for this. co-lo Taking regular back up is a tedious job and that too keeping track of it is also very important. You may get different policies also. Going for the best and that too with the affordable price must be your goal.

Colocation  arrangements involves the data center to take the back up for the data for emergency conditions. In this arrangements, the data is stored on the different physical server and then moved to the another location. Any time when you loose the data and think of getting it back, it is available for you in no time.

There are number of good hosting providers which offers you this services, some of the hosting provider has a good emphasis on providing the best back up facilities for the clients. Having such facilities gains you some additional advantages :  Your updates data gets stored on the remote location on a regular basis, you don’t have to share your disk space with the back up ,it gets stored on some other disk.

Colocation servers is the best innovation in the hosting agencies, in case of any problem or issue, it is dealt by the technical people, they make sure that your data is safe under all circumstances. One more advantage is, these co-location saves a big amount of your money which probable you must have spent on the data protection services. You can achieve a great amount of reliability in less amount.

Datacenters charge very less for these services. Opting for colocation is suitable and beneficial for you in any regards. You can think as if the data is secured in two ways. You server and the server also where your back up is stored.Enjoy the essence of Colocation Servers.

An overview of DoS and Ways to Detect and Prevent DDoS Attack.

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DoS is an abbreviation of Denial of Service attack. It is a type of attack on a network which is developed to flood the network with useless traffic. Many DoS attacks, such as the Ping of Death and Teardrop attacks, exploit limitations in the TCP/IP protocols. For almost every attack that is known, there are software fixes available, which the system administrators can install to limit the damage caused by the attacks. Just like viruses, newer DoS attacks are being developed by hackers.With this attack usually there is a loss of service to users, more often there is a loss of network connectivity and services due to such attacks.Hackers can direct such attacks to any network device which includes routers,DNS (Domain Name Servers) etc.

DDoS Attack

There are few ways to identify a DoS attack.Below are four basic types that can help you to realize about the DoS attack.

a) You may realize that the server consumption has largely increased or there is a system overload. You may also notice an overload of network resources viz. CPU,bandwidth and disk space.
b) In the case of an attack there is a disruption seen in the configuration information such as routing info.
c) Sometimes there can also be a disruption of physical network components.
d) There can be a disruption of normal operating system functionality by exploiting any of a software vulnerability.

In such attacks the attackers try to flood the network with unsolicitated packets, which prevents the legitimate traffic, this is the most common type of an attack.This type of attack disrupts the network connectivity with the use of multiple hosts in a Distributed Denial of Service, also referred as DDoS.Apart from the randon traffic specifically two of the sophisticated ways of attack are:

a) An SYN flood.In this bogus SYN requests to a service ususally HTTP, causes a server to overload by spawning half open connections.
b) An Smurf Attack.In this the ICMP requests are sent to a broadcast address of misconfigured networks with a false source IP address set to one of the target.

Distributed Denial of Service Attacks

In distributed denial of service attacks, usually a personal computer that is connected to a broadband Internet network which have been compromised by viruses or programs such as Trojan Horse. With this one can control the machines remotely and direct the attack.This type of array of computers is known as a botnet.With this no matter how well the websites are connected,can be disrupted.

TCP Connections
The TCP connections usually requires the exchange of three Internet packets between two machines in an interchange called as the TCP Three Way Hand Shake.Below is the working of this:

a) SYN: In this a TCP client (ftp client,web browser etc.) initiates a connection with TCP server by forwarding a SYN packet to the server.
b) SYN/ACK: When a connection requests SYN packet is received at an OPEN TCP service port, the server’s operating system sends a reply with a connection acceptance SYN/ACK packet.
c) ACK: When the client receives the servers acknowledging SYN/ACK packet for the pending connection,it replies with an ACK packet.

Abuse TCP: Traditional SYN Flood

In this a servers receipt of a clients SYN packet causes the server to prepare for a connection.Memory buffers are usually allocated for sending and receiving the connection data.It records the various details of the clients connection which includes their remote IP and connection port number.In this way the server is prepared to accept the clients final connection opening ACK packet.Incase the clients ACK packet fails to arrive, the server is capable of re-sending its SYN/ACK packet assuming that they might have got lost of dropped in between.

As the technology to avoid such attacks increased,so did the hackers made improvements. With the use of Raw Sockets the packets return address ie. the source IP address can be overridden and falsified. When a SYN packet with a spoofed source IP arrives at the server, it appears as any other valid legal connection and hence the server allocates the required memory buffers and records information about the new connection.Further it sends out SYN/ACK answering packet back to the client. But as the source IP contained in the SYN packet was deliberately falsified,the SYN/ACK will be sent to a random IP address over the Internet. The biggest problem is that there are over four billion internet addresses and the server does not have a way to know that the malicious client connection was fake.Therefore every request is treated similar to a valid connection request.It needs to wait until the client completes the Three Way Handshake.If the ACK is not received the server needs to resend the SYN/ACK with an assumption that it might have been lost during the path.

This indicates the connection management consumes valuable limited resources of the server. In the meanwhile the attacking TCP client continues shooting out fraudulent SYN packets at the server, which forces it to accumulate a continuously growing pool of incomplete connections.There comes a point when the server is unable to accommodate any further half open connections and though a connection is valid, gets failed. This is due to the limited ability to accept any connections might have been consumed maliciously.

What is the difference between DoS and DDoS?

DoS is a traditional way of attack.In this a machine (may be a personal computer) attacks the other. Whereas DDoS is a bit higher and a destructive version of DoS. In this floods of traffic is generated by focusing the combined bandwidth of multiple machines onto a single target machine or a network.

Steps to Identify and STOP DDoS attack.

You can check the current http usage by firing the command

top -d2

Incase you get lots of httpd processes, then you need to check if it is a DoS attack and the server is flooded with SYN packets. You can check this by the following command.

netstat -nap | grep SYN | wc -l

Incase you get abnormal numbers then your server is under attack.

You can check the IPs from which the SYN packets are coming. In this case you will have to use the following command:

netstat -nap | less

You will get all the details of kernel routing table also the IPs from where the packets are coming. If it is coming from any particular IP, then you can simply block that IP on the server. Or if its from one network then you will have to block the range of IPs.
If there are multiple IPs which are attacking then you will have to find which site is under attack.
To check this go to /usr/local/apache/domlogs/

Check how stat’s date is defined. Then run the command “date”. Check the current time of the server. Then you have to check which site was under attack few mins ago. Suppose current time is Aug 30 00:04:48, then run the command

grep “30/Aug/2009:00:01” *

It will show you the list of sites accessed at that time. If you see any particular site is being accessed multiple times, then the site is under attack. You can chnage the time to check if different sites are under attack. You can suspend that site to prevent the server from overloading.

Many times the attack hits a particular IP and all the sites having that IP get attacked. All you have to do is change the IP of those sites and then null-route that IP.

Need Of Optimizing WordPress blogs.

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WordPress blogs are faring at large on the world wide web. World is now deeply acquainted with WordPress and if you think that your Blog isn’t doing well on wordpress Web, there exist a need to optimize it properly for search engines

Today the essence of the WordPress has increased, thousands of blogs gets posted daily, it is the fact that only some of the blogs drive the attention of the search engines by heavy traffic. Rest are not searched that effectively. There is a way to make your SEO friendly.

Follow some tips:

Permalink Structure : This structure should be modifies and set optimally for SEO. Generally this Permalink structure is not proper, setting it in proper way for SEO can help you lot. It is easy to modify it, you can customize at your ease. Your blog post category and title should be visible in this part, nothing else, if nor configured the long numeral URLs appear.

Keyword Phrase : You should be pretty keen towards optimizing the blogs for keyword phrases. Before you optimize your blog, a certain research on keywords must be carried on using Google Adwords or any other tool you are aware of. This will help you to place right keywords. Usually it is best to use a low competitive keyword. The keyword density should be maintained, focus on using this keyword selected to be used in title. Try to maintain the keyword density to 3-4 % through the blogs content.

Add a SEO Pack to the blog: This SEO pack is the best plugin for the blog. It enables you to optimize meta tags, keywords tags and description, adds a custom title to the blog.

Social Bookmarking: You can wisely use this Social bookmarking sites for your blogs, try to share your blogs with the people around the world by this sites. Most widely used sites such as Digg,Delicous,stumble upon etc. You should effectively use this sites as many of the people follow such sites. Large amount of traffic come from this sites. It gains a good amount of back links as well.

Site map plugins : Install plugins that would helpful for your blog from SEO perspective. Google Sitemap XML plugin is useful in indexing easily to the search engines. The best way is to generate a Site map for your blog. This plugin will help you in doing so.

Link Building : Link building is the best known practice to gain a good traffic and gain a better search engine ranking. Article submissions should be carried out in multiple directories, forum posting, blog commenting, press release and newsletter. This methods are useful in driving the attention of the people as well as gain a better PR. Link building is said to be the fastest way to increase PR, if carried out properly for your blog, you can gain a good SERP ranking.

Anchor text and Links : While inserting any link, select a proper keyword to anchor this link. This link which is anchored to the text keyword should be relevant.
Images on the blog: Please optimize you images properly by using the proper set of keywords. Use keywords in the names of the images, insert  meta description in the image meta tag.your images should speak some thing. take a look at the image on the left, this image is a image published on the occasion on the 15 Aug 09. Its Indian WordPress logo.

Updation on regular basis : Keep you blogs updated on regular basis.This is a god practice and will help the SEP campaign a lot.

Besides all this basic steps you should be sure that the hosting provider you are with is a good host and provides 24×7 support such that your blog is UP for the people anytime.We are sure these tips will give you some basic idea about the SEO for blogs and the need for doing it. If SEO is not done for the blogs, blogs are as good as as nothing. Blogs are the way of bringing a customer to the site, should be used in the right approach, for all this good and organised  SEO is the key.

Frequently Used Terms in Web Hosting Industry : Part 2

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Below is the continuation of the previous article: Frequently Used Terms in Web Hosting Industry : Part 1

It is a database management system which is a Microsoft product. MS SQL databases are offered only with Windows Web Hosting packages.

MySQL is a database server.It is most commonly used with PHP.MySQL can be availed with Linux Web Hosting packages as well as Windows Hosting packages.

Perl is preferred and renowned scripting or programming language.It is considered to be one of the most powerful languages used for scripting. It is most commonly used for CGI scripts. With Perl building and testing of programs get simplified.

PHP is an Open source, server side HTML embedded scripting language that is typically used for creating dynamic web pages. Since it is released under Open source GNU, it is freely downloadable. Web masters prefer to use it on Linux/Unix Servers.

POP3: Post Office Protocol
It is a type of protocol that  is used for receiving E-mails. When using an E-mail client to retrieve email messages, the client communicates with the mail server via POP3.

Primary DNS : Primary Domain Name Server
It is the Primary domain name server for the customer domains. These are the DNS IP numbers often preceeded as and

Root Server
Its a machine thats loaded with softwares and data that is required to locate the name servers which contain authoritative data for the top level domains.

SMTP : Simple Mail Transfer Protocol
This is main protocol that is used to send  and receive e-mails over the Internet.

SSL : Secure Socket Layer
It is a protocol designed to enable encrypted and authenticated communications across the World Wide Web.SSL is usually used for secure communication between web browser and the servers. The URL that starts with “https” indicates that the website is secured with SSL.SSL Certificates are installed on the domains of websites that involve online transactions.

TCP/IP is a protocol that defines the Internet. It indicates how data can be transmitted between hosts. It is most widely used standard of communication. This set of communication protocols to connect to host servers over the Internet.

It is a program that is used to login from and Internet site to the other. It is actually a protocol used to access machines placed at remote remote locations. You can connect to any server over the Internet that has telnet server.

TLD : Top Level Domains
It is the suffix of the domain name for example .co., .org , .gov, .net etc. It is the highest level in the hierarchy of doman extensions.

Tomcat is a Java based web server software created to run Java Server Pages (JSP) in the web applications.

Unix is an operating system that is used on business class computers often known as servers. It is a similar operating system to DOS and MacOS. It is one of the most common operating systems used on servers.

Virtual Server
A virtual server is nothing but a web server that shares its resources with multiple users hosted on a single physical server. In this, users get to experience dedicated server like environment.You are provided with complete admin access of the server.As a matter of fact, a VPS Hosting package is one of the most preferred type of web hosting solution.

Web Server
A web server is nothing but a computer that delivers web pages.It is important that the server is connected to the World Wide Web inorder to deliver webpages upon request.

Web Site Traffic
Website traffic refers to the volume of visitors visiting a website. The tool that measures the traffic is referred as the website traffic reporting tool.

XML : eXtensible Markup Language.
XML is a programming language which allows designers to create their own tags to indicate specific information. W3C (World Wide Web Consortium) is a widely used standard which facilitates the interchange of data across computer applications. It is similar to the language used for Web pages HTML.

SEO Copywriting.

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Search Engine Optimization Copywriting is a skill full work which is textual composition for web page marketing that emphasizes manipulation of the page’s wording to place it in the first results of search result. It produces readable and persuasive content. seo-copywriting

We all know the basic of the SEO, There is a need to copy write the text is written for our web page. SEO Copywriting prepares the text that appears of the website. This is a skill, the text is written in such a manner that the content which is published on the website can be searched easily and also the relevant ones. The content that is written for the web page should be keyword rich. SEO Copywriting is responsible to optimize all the aspects on the web page.

Genuine content on the website is goal for many web site owners, SEO copywriting is the best option for this. SEO copywriting has a great impact on the search engine page ranking. It is a good practice to atleast place 250 words on the website with some unique and good keywords distributed on the page.

Many times it is the case that a particular site does well in one search engine and doesn’t in other, in this particular area Copywriting helps it out. All companies do want there customer to stick to there brand, for this you need a perfect site that builds your brand.

SEO Copywriting is all about an attempt to write the content as unique as it can for the webpage. Which distinguishes it from other sites in the Search results. This content should be knowledgeable, keyword rich and unique. The keyword density is one factor when you think of the content. It should be maintained, the placement of the keywords and the links to the page is considered.

The ultimate goal of the SEO copywriting is to get the Page rank better for the site in the Search. Most of take this as  a secondary goal, firstly it is meant for publishing a effective well written page. Better page rank is a bi product of it. The content on the webpage should be proved to be useful for readers.

SEO Copywriters are different that the SEO Experts, they often work together. It is always better to hire a SEO Copywriter. One thing should be always kept in mind the company’s growth and business is dependent on the website. This website is an intermediate between the potential customers and the business. keeping the website perfect will help the business grow its heights.  This all can be achieved by Good SEO Copywriting and SEO Campaigning.

Frequently Used Terms in Web Hosting Industry : Part 1

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Most of us use some terms in our day-to-day business, but are unaware of its full forms and abbreviation.One has to hunt for knowing the meaning and full form of a particular term, therefore below is a list of some most frequently used terms and phrases in Web Hosting.

.ASP or ASP : Active Server Pages
ASP is a term which is commonly used for application service provider. It is mostly used as a application for hosting. Its basically a Microsoft technology that enables HTML pages to be dynamic and interactive with the use of embedded scripts. Almost any internet browser can work with web pages developed using ASP, as its scripts are run on the server.

A backbone usually refers to the high speed internet line and the connections that form a network.There are several internet backbone providers, who play an important role in the web hosting business.

A bandwidth is the amount of data that you can send through the webserver. A bandwidth is measured in bites per second (bps). Bandwidth is also referred as an alternative term to Data Transfer.

Common Gateway Interface (CGI)
A CGI is a program which is capable of translating data from a web server and then display the same piece of data on a web page or an email. CGI involves the transfer of data between a server and a CGI program (also referred as a Script). This enables HTML pages to interact with other programming applications. These scripts help in making the web pages more interactive. Page counters, forms, guest books, random text/images and other features can be driven by CGI scripts. Some servers have pre-installed/pre-defined CGI scripts, meaning that the scripts are already installed on the server for you to use on your site. Some servers allow user-defined or custom CGI scripts, which means the site owner creates his/her own CGI script and runs this custom made script on the web site.

CGI Bin Access
It is the provision to the customers to write custom programs for manipulating data on their Website/s.

Co-location or co-located servers means that the servers owned by a particular group is physically placed in the data center of another company or organisation that offers internet connectivity and bandwidth. To sum it up, in simple terms the hardware is owned by you and the things necessary to get the server online is provided by the co-location service provider.

ColdFusion is an application that simplifies database queries by allowing a simpler programming language to carry out the functions between the user’s browser, the database and the server.

Control Panel
Control Panel is a tool that helps you to manage different aspects of your hosted Website/s.You can carry out some of the critical functions such as account and server management with lot of ease with the use of a control panel.

Cascading Style Sheets (CSS)
CSS is used for the purpose of adding more functionality to simple HTML pages.

Data Center
Data Center is the most important aspect of any website.A Data Center is the house to web servers on which your websites are placed.It is powered with high speed, redundant supply of power, bandwidth and can have multiple connections of major Internet backbones.

DNS : Domain Name Servers
The DNS Server maintains a database of host names and IP addresses.It is responsible for translating the domain name into IP addresses.

DNS ‘A’ Records
An A record is an abbreviation for Address Record.It contains the maps of domain name/sub-domain to an IP Address.

DNS ‘MX’ Records
MX is an abbreviation of Mail Exchange hence the name MX Records means Mail Exchange Record. It is used to define the email server/s that are willing to accept mails for a domain.

Domain Name
Domain name is nothing but the name of your website, it is a unique name which identifies you from other similar websites.

Domain Extensions
Domain extentions are nothing but the suffix that we use in our website domain name after the dot.For Example:,, etc. here .com, and are referred as the Domain Extensions.

eCommerce or Electronic Commerce is described for websites that involve buying and selling of goods,products and services over the Internet.

FP Extensions : Frontpage Extentions
It refers to the Microsoft Front Page server extensions. We can see at most places its mentioned FP2K, it means that the server supports MS Frontpage 2k.

FTP : File Transfer Protocol
FTP is secure method of transferring data to and from web servers.Some of the very common FTP programs that most of us must be aware are CuteFTP,WS_FTP,File Zilla etc.

Hosting Service Provider
Hosting is a service provided for hosting your website on the server.The enterprize or organisation that offers such servers and technical support is known as the Web Hosting Service Provider.

HTML : Hyper Text Mark-Up Language
It is a coded format of language that is used for creating hyper text files for the Internet.

HTTP : Hyper Text Transfer Protocol
It is the protocol that is responsible for moving hhyper text files across the Internet.A HTTP client program such as the web browser is required at one end and an HTTP Server program ie.the web server on the other end. It is the most important protocol used in the World Wide Web.

IMAP : Internet Message Access Protocol
IMAP is a standard protocol that is used for accessing emails from a local server.This protocol is responsible for retrieving e-mail messages from an e-mail server. Some versions allow users to search e-mails for certain keywords.

IP Address : Internet Protocol Address

It is a unique number that is used to specify hosts and networks.It is used to identify machines connected over the Internet. It consists of 4 parts such as 111.222.333.123. Each and every machine that is connected to the Internet has a distinct IP address.

ISP : Internet Service Provider

An ISP provider is the one that offers access to the Internet. The services provided by them act as a bridge between your local computer and your server.

Planned Directory submissions: Effective Offpage SEO Technique.

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Successful SEO Campaign does include the Directory submissions tasks, it is an effective Offpage SEO Technique . Directory submission is a method in which you submit your URL to  internet web directories. One of the  effective way of getting your site popular is Directory submissions, it brings one way links to your sites, it is the best way of link popularity building.

While doing Directory submission when you click on the submit field, A form appears which contains some mandatory fields.

Title : This field is also important that will describe your website and your product and will make people to click on it. It is short title, please make sure that you enter a relevant title to your URL submitted and vice versa. Title should not seem to be like an advertisement.

It is advised that your anchor text and Title should vary with the directories, try to avoid spamming issues. It should be understood that if you have several inbound with the same title, it may considered as a spam. It is better to have deferent Titles. Use keyword to in the title such that it suits it and is helpful too. If your are confused every time to get a good title with the keyword, you can use the tools available such as Google adwords, it will be really help you at ease, and will give some idea about your anchor text.

URL: This URL is your website URL, please make sure you enter the perfect value over here, one mistake and the submission is of no use. If your website contains values like comma, or space the value will not be . Most of the directories accept only Home page URLs, and come do offer deeper links.

Description: Now this is where you should concentrate, this is the whole summary of your site and product. It should be brief enough to get complete idea about your site. Try to prepare a creative and interesting description which will attract the reader to your site and keep interest. Don’t stuff more keywords in the description in the description,. Use keywords randomly.

Category : This is also the important field in the directory submission, people generally in hurry select inappropriate category and which makes the submission of no use. You should try to enter the  link in the appropriate directory. This give you a relevant inbound link and that is what you need. You get to the right reader through this. Many time submitting in the wrong directory may harm you. Not all directory have the same way of the classification, be sure of the categories.

Email Address : This has become the important credential as far as submissions is concerned. Try and keep a separate email id for this, so that you can keep track of the submissions and also avoid spamming to your genuine official email id. All mot all directories need a verification for the listing.

You should take care of some things while submitting a site to the directories. directory

1 Submit the Sites to the directories having good PR.
2. Selected directory should be updates regularly.
3 Web directory should be static web directory.
4. It has to be categorized properly.

It is obvious that you think of doing submissions to get the web site indexed in the Google. When the website is newly launched, it is not indexed in the search engines, you require some immediate back links for a better visibility.

So it is better to plan your submissions. You should go for 1000 directories at first and then regular directory submissions on monthly basis. i.e. 200 to 400 directory submissions per month. This is the best way to plan your submissions. You get a better result and that without spam.

For every work you do in the SEO campaign you need to be patient, results for this show some what slowly but they surely come up. If you find it difficult to perform this task, you should go for a dedicated SEO Expert.

While selecting a directory , see that the directory is a quality directory. Although this service is free of cost, you have to pay time for it. Time is the best input to this.  A good Directory submission campaign provides your website with all that you need.

Tips To Increase Traffic : Forum Posts

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Among most of the other ways of increasing traffic to website/s, forum posts or articles are a great way to increase traffic.It basically depends on the forums that you are using,the traffic varies accordingly.Forums can be a great way to fetch high traffic, also if you are successful in Always Green Signal To Traffic increasing the trust of others on the forums,you can bring high volume of organic traffic to your website/s.

Ofcourse gaining an authoritative position in forums takes sometime.Your replies and responses to others queries matter a-lot.It also depends on how well you are able to suggest solutions to others problems.Having good knowledge of your niche is of utmost importance to earn a level of trust in the minds of forum mates.

Its important that you have a professional signature in your forum.It should be designed such that people get curious to find an extra information onto your website by clicking the signature link. Inaddition to this, it is equally important that you maintain the atmosphere of the forums. One should posses an attitude of helping others at the same time try to add some humor to the conversation.Everyone likes a decent humor and can add a positive healthy mood to others as well. Bear in mind that you do not hurt the emotions of fellow forum mates while doing so. It is advised that you keep yourself aware of the conversation happening at the forum and make others feel your presence. This can add majorly to your reputation and the way others perceive your words.

vBulletin logo As the time passes by, you will start earning a fair amount of traffic by the way you interact with others.

phpbb Logo There are many forums present on the Internet that you can join or you can even start your own forum. For that you will need to order a decent web hosting package and install a CMS (Content Management System) such as vBulletin, PHP BB etc. You may ask the web hosting provider to get any such application installed on the server.

Some forums also allow you to link your blog to their forums, therefore as you might already be working on the Off-page SEO campaign by blog or article marketing, this provision can double your chances of fetching high traffic.

Relation Between Link building and Site popularity.

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Site optimization is done for improving the quality of the site as well as popularity if the site. When you think of the most effective way of getting Good Page rank, you will end up getting Link building. Offsite optimization is also very important when you think of site popularity. The important task in the offsite optimization is Link building. You can say that link building is the heart of the offsite optimization. It can be achieved by building quality back links to your site. The word Quality does matters.

With the essence of the Link Building you can improve your website popularity with a drastic change.  Search engines crawlers keep on crawling for the new links and index them accordingly. When search engines find more and more links of your websites, your websites will be indexed frequently , which will make it popular in one or the other way. It also helps to improve the page rank of the website. You can bet now why the link building is said to be the most important strategy in SEO.

When you think the working of the Google Search engine, Google analyzes the website on the two main criteria.
1. Relevancy of the website to the keywords used by the users.
2. Number of external links pointing to the website

It is important that your website is indexed properly by the search engines. To improve and increase the number of back links to the website, quality link building is Vital. You should be pretty sure where to submit your site and where to exchange the links. Your external back link should be from quality site, good PR website, relevant sites if possible. This all does matters while rating the PR of the websites. More and more sites link to you, your site gets indexed by the Google and it Google will evaluate the popularity of the website based on the sites linking to you. It is always advised to have few links from the websites having good PR rather than having many back links from the website having less or no PR.

When you think of bringing the traffic you should target your site to proper audience. In short the Link building should be done in an organized and proper manner. People sometimes trust any farm services that don’t provide relevant links, just for increasing the number of back links. This is a bad practice for link building and should be avoided. It can harm you in a negative way. Back links should be though of from the website having the contents relevant to your web site. link-popularity

One of the most effective way of building quality back links is PPC ads. PPC ads has proved its essence in bringing quality back links which help your web site a lot. Social bookmarking is though as the trusted service to get back links and used widely. When you form your network with this social site, you should be choosy about the type of the websites. You should be in the network with the people and website in your niche. That will help you in getting relevant links.

If you have a opinion that getting back links is just posting your links to various forums, blog comments and website, there is time to change your opinion. Link building is not as easy as it is though of. If you find it difficult or tedious, it is always better to hire a dedicated SEO Expert in this case

Secret Ways To Outgrow Traffic by Search Engine Optimization.

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Anybody who is starting to build their own websites or already have one can use the following ways to outgrow the traffic to the website/s. Here I mainly concentrated my focus on the users using WordPress for their blogs.These are ways that would surely help you to improve traffic by optimizing the WordPress to achieve the greatest visibility for search engines.

Wordpress Hosting A) Structured Permalinks: As most of you might be aware, Permalinks can be a useful way to increase visibility for search engines. To have a URL such as “ Ways To Outgrow Traffic by Search Engine Optimization/” is much better than having a URL “”. You get an option in WordPress to change the structure of permalink.You can login to the Worpress Admin Panel,then choose Settings and Permalinks.Here you can find various options to choose the structure of Permalinks.

B) Content: The use of appropriate keywords in the content is of utmost importance.The title too must contain keywords that are also present in the content of the post.Your prime focus must be on the first paragraph and the closure part as search engine crawlers index this at first.

C)Header Tags: The header tags are basically used when assigning a title to the post.They have a numerical value associated with it.Later,these are of varying importance such as <h1>, <h2> etc. The H1 tag is basically used for your most important header, whereas H2 tag is used for sub titles and so on. To gain the best results, you may try variations in keywords in the H2 and H3 tags.

D) UTW and Meta Tag Descriptions: In WordPress you have various options to install different plugins.Amongst them UTW ie Ultimate Tag Warrior and Meta Tag description (MTD) plugins can be useful from a search engines point of view. The UTW simplifies the task of tag search. The MTD helps in optimizing the meta description for search engines inorder to index the website more efficiently.

E) Time On Site: According to the recent updates in search engines algorithm, it is important that the visitor stays at your website/s for longer time, therefore its a wise move to display links of different posts in the vicinity of the current post and keep them engaged on your site by offering them different links to other posts of the same niche.For this purpose, WordPress offers a plugin called “Related Posts”. You need to upload it using the FTP client into the wp-content > plugins folder, then you need to login to the admin area and via the WordPress admin panel, activate the plugin from Plugins page.

F) Sitemap: Adding a Sitemap to the website is important from Googles point of view.This helps the bots to crawl your website more efficiently,hence resulting into an improved rankings in the search engine result pages.Wordpress has eased your pain for hunting for one, you have range of different Sitemaps, but among them you must install a Google XML Sitemap.Not to mention that Google bots prefer an XML Sitemap.

G) Use Of Appropriate HTML Tags: Title tags and Alt tags assigned to the images, can actually help in improving the search engine rankings.The only caution that one must take is not to stuff the keywords in the alt tags nor in the title tags.

Word Of Mouth F) Backlinking: Building backlinks is the most important aspects of SEO.Its the volume and quality of backlinks from external websites that decides the rankings in the search engine result pages.This inturn results in an increase in volume of traffic.There are various ways to build backlinks, some of them are forum postings, blog commenting,submitting the site to social bookmarking sites etc.

G) Word Of Mouth marketing: As we all are aware that word of mouth is the most effective way of getting organic traffic to your website/s.People would usually prefer the products and services about whom they are aware of.It is more likely that people sign up for the services about whome they have heard of from someone else who have used the services or products previously.It is a common gesture of people who know you are more likely comment about you. Therefore it is advised to work on increasing a positive Word Of Mouth in addition to your efforts on the other above mentioned ways.

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