Relation Between Link building and Site popularity

Site optimization is done for improving the quality of the site as well as popularity if the site. When you think of the most effective way of getting Good Page rank, you will end up getting Link building. Offsite optimization is also very important when you think of site popularity. The important task in the offsite optimization is Link building. You can say that link building is the heart of the offsite optimization. It can be achieved by building quality back links to your site. The word Quality does matters.

With the essence of the Link Building you can improve your website popularity with a drastic change.  Search engines crawlers keep on crawling for the new links and index them accordingly. When search engines find more and more links of your websites, your websites will be indexed frequently , which will make it popular in one or the other way. It also helps to improve the page rank of the website. You can bet now why the link building is said to be the most important strategy in SEO.

When you think the working of the Google Search engine, Google analyzes the website on the two main criteria.
1. Relevancy of the website to the keywords used by the users.
2. Number of external links pointing to the website

It is important that your website is indexed properly by the search engines. To improve and increase the number of back links to the website, quality link building is Vital. You should be pretty sure where to submit your site and where to exchange the links. Your external back link should be from quality site, good PR website, relevant sites if possible. This all does matters while rating the PR of the websites. More and more sites link to you, your site gets indexed by the Google and it Google will evaluate the popularity of the website based on the sites linking to you. It is always advised to have few links from the websites having good PR rather than having many back links from the website having less or no PR.

When you think of bringing the traffic you should target your site to proper audience. In short the Link building should be done in an organized and proper manner. People sometimes trust any farm services that don’t provide relevant links, just for increasing the number of back links. This is a bad practice for link building and should be avoided. It can harm you in a negative way. Back links should be though of from the website having the contents relevant to your web

One of the most effective way of building quality back links is PPC ads. PPC ads has proved its essence in bringing quality back links which help your web site a lot. Social bookmarking is though as the trusted service to get back links and used widely. When you form your network with this social site, you should be choosy about the type of the websites. You should be in the network with the people and website in your niche. That will help you in getting relevant links.

If you have a opinion that getting back links is just posting your links to various forums, blog comments and website, there is time to change your opinion. Link building is not as easy as it is though of. If you find it difficult or tedious, it is always better to hire a dedicated SEO Expert in this case

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