Planned Directory submissions: Effective Offpage SEO Technique.

Successful SEO Campaign does include the Directory submissions tasks, it is an effective Offpage SEO Technique . Directory submission is a method in which you submit your URL to  internet web directories. One of the  effective way of getting your site popular is Directory submissions, it brings one way links to your sites, it is the best way of link popularity building.

While doing Directory submission when you click on the submit field, A form appears which contains some mandatory fields.

Title : This field is also important that will describe your website and your product and will make people to click on it. It is short title, please make sure that you enter a relevant title to your URL submitted and vice versa. Title should not seem to be like an advertisement.

It is advised that your anchor text and Title should vary with the directories, try to avoid spamming issues. It should be understood that if you have several inbound with the same title, it may considered as a spam. It is better to have deferent Titles. Use keyword to in the title such that it suits it and is helpful too. If your are confused every time to get a good title with the keyword, you can use the tools available such as Google adwords, it will be really help you at ease, and will give some idea about your anchor text.

URL: This URL is your website URL, please make sure you enter the perfect value over here, one mistake and the submission is of no use. If your website contains values like comma, or space the value will not be . Most of the directories accept only Home page URLs, and come do offer deeper links.

Description: Now this is where you should concentrate, this is the whole summary of your site and product. It should be brief enough to get complete idea about your site. Try to prepare a creative and interesting description which will attract the reader to your site and keep interest. Don’t stuff more keywords in the description in the description,. Use keywords randomly.

Category : This is also the important field in the directory submission, people generally in hurry select inappropriate category and which makes the submission of no use. You should try to enter the  link in the appropriate directory. This give you a relevant inbound link and that is what you need. You get to the right reader through this. Many time submitting in the wrong directory may harm you. Not all directory have the same way of the classification, be sure of the categories.

Email Address : This has become the important credential as far as submissions is concerned. Try and keep a separate email id for this, so that you can keep track of the submissions and also avoid spamming to your genuine official email id. All mot all directories need a verification for the listing.

You should take care of some things while submitting a site to the

1 Submit the Sites to the directories having good PR.
2. Selected directory should be updates regularly.
3 Web directory should be static web directory.
4. It has to be categorized properly.

It is obvious that you think of doing submissions to get the web site indexed in the Google. When the website is newly launched, it is not indexed in the search engines, you require some immediate back links for a better visibility.

So it is better to plan your submissions. You should go for 1000 directories at first and then regular directory submissions on monthly basis. i.e. 200 to 400 directory submissions per month. This is the best way to plan your submissions. You get a better result and that without spam.

For every work you do in the SEO campaign you need to be patient, results for this show some what slowly but they surely come up. If you find it difficult to perform this task, you should go for a dedicated SEO Expert.

While selecting a directory , see that the directory is a quality directory. Although this service is free of cost, you have to pay time for it. Time is the best input to this.  A good Directory submission campaign provides your website with all that you need.

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