Need Of Optimizing WordPress blogs.

WordPress blogs are faring at large on the world wide web. World is now deeply acquainted with WordPress and if you think that your Blog isn’t doing well on wordpressWeb, there exist a need to optimize it properly for search engines

Today the essence of the WordPress has increased, thousands of blogs gets posted daily, it is the fact that only some of the blogs drive the attention of the search engines by heavy traffic. Rest are not searched that effectively. There is a way to make your SEO friendly.

Follow some tips:

Permalink Structure : This structure should be modifies and set optimally for SEO. Generally this Permalink structure is not proper, setting it in proper way for SEO can help you lot. It is easy to modify it, you can customize at your ease. Your blog post category and title should be visible in this part, nothing else, if nor configured the long numeral URLs appear.

Keyword Phrase : You should be pretty keen towards optimizing the blogs for keyword phrases. Before you optimize your blog, a certain research on keywords must be carried on using Google Adwords or any other tool you are aware of. This will help you to place right keywords. Usually it is best to use a low competitive keyword. The keyword density should be maintained, focus on using this keyword selected to be used in title. Try to maintain the keyword density to 3-4 % through the blogs content.

Add a SEO Pack to the blog: This SEO pack is the best plugin for the blog. It enables you to optimize meta tags, keywords tags and description, adds a custom title to the blog.

Social Bookmarking: You can wisely use this Social bookmarking sites for your blogs, try to share your blogs with the people around the world by this sites. Most widely used sites such as Digg,Delicous,stumble upon etc. You should effectively use this sites as many of the people follow such sites. Large amount of traffic come from this sites. It gains a good amount of back links as well.

Site map plugins : Install plugins that would helpful for your blog from SEO perspective. Google Sitemap XML plugin is useful in indexing easily to the search engines. The best way is to generate a Site map for your blog. This plugin will help you in doing so.

Link Building : Link building is the best known practice to gain a good traffic and gain a better search engine ranking. Article submissions should be carried out in multiple directories, forum posting, blog commenting, press release and newsletter. This methods are useful in driving the attention of the people as well as gain a better PR. Link building is said to be the fastest way to increase PR, if carried out properly for your blog, you can gain a good SERP ranking.

Anchor text and Links : While inserting any link, select a proper keyword to anchor this link. This link which is anchored to the text keyword should be relevant.
Images on the blog: Please optimize you images properly by using the proper set of keywords. Use keywords in the names of the images, insert  meta description in the image meta tag.your images should speak some thing. take a look at the image on the left, this image is a image published on the occasion on the 15 Aug 09. Its Indian WordPress logo.

Updation on regular basis : Keep you blogs updated on regular basis.This is a god practice and will help the SEP campaign a lot.

Besides all this basic steps you should be sure that the hosting provider you are with is a good host and provides 24×7 support such that your blog is UP for the people anytime.We are sure these tips will give you some basic idea about the SEO for blogs and the need for doing it. If SEO is not done for the blogs, blogs are as good as as nothing. Blogs are the way of bringing a customer to the site, should be used in the right approach, for all this good and organised  SEO is the key.

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