Choosing an Operating System for Web Hosting

An Operating system’s basic function is to manage all the hardware and software components held by a Computer system which can be also a Web Hosting server. So far Hardware components are concerned there are many things like Diskspace, Network, CPU and RAM which play a key role in running a web hosting server without any interruption. For the efficient use of these all components one should make sure about the following factors while choosing the web hosting services platform or an operating system. This selection also depends upon how GUI conscious a user is?

Popularity and Scope.

Number of Operating systems are available in the market containing various versions of the same operating system. But still Microsoft’s Windows and the widely known open source language ‘Linux’ are majorly considered as two of the highest demanded web hosting platforms. These two are so popular as they made web hosting services providers to provide the services including their names like Linux Hosting and Windows Web Hosting.


Different operating systems have different compatibilities so its essential to make sure that the Operating System you are selecting is compatible enough to run all required softwares and application on your web hosting account. Few applications like ASP, .NET, MsSQL are compatible with Windows based platform only and can not be run on a Linux based platform, but on the other hand Linux is capable of running the applications like MySQL and PHP which are cheaper and as efficient as the applications supported by Windows.


This is one more sensitive factor for the new webmasters and small scale organizations who run their websites with a limited and tight budget. As most of know that Linux hosting is cheaper than the Windows web hosting, such webmasters can go for it if they find all the requirements are getting fulfilled with it.

Future Upgrades

Any website make progress day by day in terms of visitors and the containing data, so by analyzing your website’s future requirements you should check either the Operating system is easy to find upgrades or not?

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