Checklist When Looking for VPS Hosting.


VPS is considered to be one of the most sought after hosting solutions by businesses ranging from small to medium size due to the countless benefits it provides compared to traditional shared hosting service. VPS is a private server isolated from other users and not merely a better model of shared hosting. It indicates that while looking for VPS hosting there are different criteria you need to ensure are fulfilled.

Here are some of the main elements you need to look for while choosing your VPS hosting solution.

1. High Performing Hardware

VPS provides you with a server performance that is a cut above shared hosting. While it is highly advised by many experts to make the switch from shared hosting to VPS, its high performance is a consequence of certain factors that you need to confirm. You must ensure that your host uses hardware of topmost quality that will provide you with highly reliable performance at the fastest speed. Some of the elements you need to look for are lightning-fast DDR4 memory, the latest version of Intel Xeon processors, high achieving RAID controllers, and SSD drives. HDD drives operated mechanically are exponentially slower than SSD storage. Hence, opting for a VPS hosting service that includes SSD storage will enhance your performance for your applications.

2. Free of Charge Setup

Every individual choosing VPS over shared hosting services might not have the extensive technical knowledge needed to set a VPS up. Acquiring this knowledge might turn out to be an exhausting and time-consuming process. Hence, it is advisable to find a service provider that can set your VPS up for you so as to place these inevitable and unavoidable responsibilities on their shoulders. In some cases, you might even find a host who will do it free of cost.

3. Managed Hosting

When you obtain shared hosting services, it basically means you are one of many people leasing out some area on the physical server. Due to the various number of users renting space, it is considered convenient for the service provider to undertake management for all of their clients. However, as you are the sole user of the virtual server in VPS hosting, the responsibility of managing your web hosting falls squarely on your shoulders. While some users prefer this, there might be others who could find the technical aspects difficult to manage.


Several VPS hosting services are aware of this dilemma. So to encourage users that are technically challenged to opt for VPS server hosting, they offer managing services as well. The responsibility of managing tasks, that you might not even be aware need to be done, is dealt with by your VPS host. It includes updating and maintaining the security of your server, keeping your operating system as well as VPS software updated and patched. Moreover, they might counsel you about all the ways you can enhance the application performance of your server to the highest degree.

4. High-Speed Data Transfer

Large websites require a large storage capacity, a great quality of performance, and high speed. VPS is the best provider of all of these requirements which makes it the best choice for websites such as eCommerce. Taking its advantages into consideration, a number of businesses opt for VPS. However, if your focus is on traffic generation and transacting with more customers, unmetered bandwidth is a necessity along with a high-level server.


You need to ensure that you are not charged extra or that your VPS package does not restrict your bandwidth, since it could potentially slow down the development of your business. Make it a priority to check that your VPS package allows your server to receive and send an unlimited amount of data.

5. Control panel

The crucial factor to ensure the smooth functioning of your website, applications and server on your VPS is possessing the precise control panel. cPanel and Plesk are considered two of the most useful and supported control panels, standing a step above a wide variety of other generic options available in the market. Both of these control panels are well known among shared hosting providers as well.

Configuring your firewall, apps installations, security policy applications, and additions of mailboxes as well as websites, are made simple through the use of these control panels. See to it that your VPS provider not only supplies you with these control panels but also a team of technical experts that can assist you in using them.

6. Technical Support 24/7

Every corporation has occasional technological issues that flare-up. These issues could range from a wide variety of new application installations to security problems, and everything in between. Since a lot of these applications are critical to the uninterrupted flow of business, they cannot accommodate any downtime. Any user would need these issues dealt with swiftly and professionally.

Hence, professional 24/7 technical support must be a standard offering by your VPS provider. So you can rest assured that regardless of the issue you face, and the time of the day you face it. you will be covered by a team of professional technical experts.


There are several benefits provided by VPS hosting in contrast to shared hosting. Some of these advantages include more storage, an increase in computing assets, as well as rapid performance. There are many renowned and affordable Linux and Windows VPS hosting services in India offering 24×7 Support, SSD Storage, and guaranteed uptime. You need to choose the one that offers the best features and support at optimized costs to help your business grow and reach its full potential.

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