8 Ways to Help your Website Rise Above your Competitors

Your website needs to be unique enough to gain attention among the hundreds of thousands of websites that are available on the internet, in order to increase conversations and sales. Nowadays a majority of businesses have an online website that helps them reach their customers easily and introduce their products and services. However, several companies try to save money by choosing themes and other features for their website that are free of cost.

Doing this may help you lower your budget, but in three long runs, it can be detrimental to your business. Focusing on SEO can help you climb the search engine ladder and boost your website to the number one spot for every person looking for the products and services you provide.

However, if your website is extremely lacklustre or generic, people will keep moving on to the next website. So all the work you invest in your SEO is rendered useless as a high bounce rate on Google will send you back down the search engine ladder. To make your mark in the online world, you need to deliver a unique website and an optimum experience for your user.

Here are some of the ways you can rise above your competition.

1. Create interesting bios

You need to introduce yourself to your potential customers as they need to know who they will be collaborating with. There are many things you can do such as narrate a story, link your Spotify to it, introduce your favourite movie, or simply put a better headshot image than the ordinary, that reflects your personality. Introduce your potential clients to your creativity.

2. Create eye catching Google search ads 

There are several ways you can successfully create enticing Google ads that put your website has and shoulders above the rest. You can find out in-demand keywords, employ them as extensions, focus on storytelling in one ad and keywords in another, or create ads that target local audiences, or object user feedback, so on and so forth.

3. Use simple, user-friendly navigation

Having a navigation infrastructure that is simple and straightforward for the customers to use instead of creative ones where they have to search for everything. Following navigation, standard format includes about, blog, Home, contact and services. You can diversify a little to make it attractive, but let the foundation stick to the basics. The focus should be to make the user experience as easy as possible.

4. Compete with yourself, not Others.

The major companies in the world focus on bettering themselves, not focusing on what their competition is doing. Why does that help? Simply because while you and your competition might be selling similar products in the market, they are still not the same.

You know what makes your product or service unique which helps you market your product better, compared to keeping your competitor’s product in focus. You do not want to do a favor to your competitors by bringing attention to their products either by comparison.

5. Remember to make it mobile user friendly

A majority of the customers, more than 60%, use their smartphones to visit websites. Hence it is crucial for your business to have a mobile-friendly website. It is of course a well-known concept, but you need to prioritise it from the beginning to ensure that your website is compatible with both mobiles and computers.

6. Provide top-notch customer service

Great customer service not only entices new customers to engage with your website but also guarantees customer’s satisfaction and retention, which inevitably leads to a boost in sales and revenue. Word of mouth has the potential to skyrocket your business.

Customers who are happy with your service will recommend it further and bring in more customers. Customer service is usually neglected by most brands, which means providing impeccable service will make you rise above your competitors. 

7. New content

Your website should keep refreshing its content regularly to ensure that it is keeping up with the ever-changing times. Outdated content makes you seem out of touch and less attractive to potential clients as well as less trustworthy. Your SEO also takes a hit if your content is not updated, which results in your competitors taking up your spot on attach engines.

8 Ensure you put the spotlight on great customer reviews

Customer reviews are extremely important in today’s day and age when people do not purchase anything without having read about it first. Ensure that customer reviews are provided by your clients so that you can put a spotlight on them on your website and all the places you advertise your business. It makes your website and company seem more credible.


Keep your users and clients in mind while creating your website. Ensure you focus on the value your products and services lend to the lives of your customer and how they make it easier. Add success stories, case studies, and instances where your product or service helped someone get rid of their problem. Enlist the help of web hosting services in India to make it more user-friendly. Do not make your website about you, but focus on the customer.

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