How will Google’s New Ranking Factors Affect Your Website?

Google is the most well-renowned search engine that exists in today’s day and age all around the world. In fact, there are more than 200 ranking factors for Google. It has left its competition far behind while dominating the market with searches being more than 5.14 billion per day. 

Hence, it is important for your website to climb the ranks on Google search results. However, SEO keeps changing on a semi-regular basis, which makes adhering to it difficult. It raises the question of which Google ranking factor has a huge impact on your website. To shine some light on it, here are crucial factors that can help you rise through the Google ranks.

Core web vitals

Google core web vitals were introduced to be highly user-friendly, designed to assist search robots to grasp the experience of the page correctly and provide advice on how to enhance it. These elements are measured beyond the time it takes for your website to respond or to load, it digs deep into the experience your users have to understand where there is room for improvement.


Even though there are many aspects of core web vitals that are emerging, the one that is clear is SEO being key to the foundation of your business based on user experience. The time it takes to display the largest element on the screen is measured by Largest Contenful Paint.

Depending on the page layout, this element can be text, a picture, a video, or anything else. You should explore for strategies to reduce or eliminate render-blocking resources, as well as enhance server response time and resource load time, to improve LCP.

The goal of First Input Delay is to determine how responsive a website is to user interaction, or how long it takes for a page to reply to the user’s first interaction. Getting a strong FID score can be as simple as breaking up large processes, optimizing the page for interaction readiness, and lowering JavaScript execution time.

By averaging all page layout changes, Cumulative Layout Shift determines the visual stability of the content. Avoid dynamically injected material, dedicate a defined area for adverts, and ensure that all of your images have defined dimensions and typefaces are rendered without significant visual instability to earn a green CLS score.

The loading speed of your website

Websites that take a long time to load lose up to 40% of visitors. Hence, it is crucial to have optimum website loading speed to boost your SEO. Keeping your users waiting will lead to huge bounce rates which bring your rankings down.

Visitors want to gain access to your website without any delay, due to which page speed is crucial to boost your ranking. SEO developments are aided immensely by improving your website loading speed.

Mobile compatibility

A website’s ranking on Google is affected by its compatibility with various devices, especially mobiles. Previously, web designers focused on building a website for the desktop version, filled by the movie. However, with the user experience changing, mobiles are the prominent devices used which leads website designers to focus on mobile versions first.

In fact, the mobile-focused approach has modified the search results as well, with results being more location-targeted based on the user.

Top-notch content quality

Search engines have always focused on content quality to determine the ranking of websites. The rank that your website receives depends on the content of value you bring to the table and how unique it is. The content must fulfil all the potential queries users might have by guessing them correctly.

Every user that secures for something has a potential problem that needs to be solved. Hence, Google ensures that websites that do not provide an in-depth answer to the questions are not ranked at the top.

Blogs and websites that have articles that are plagiarized also end up ranking low, which is why you need to put forth articles that are relevant and fresh, not merely a copy of another. Hosting articles that have already been published to keep them relevant to the ever-changing world is extremely important. 

Your articles should also be extremely easy to understand and include small paragraphs that are better for retention purposes. All of your sentences should be linked to one another so that there is a flow to your article. Apply a font that is attractive to the users but also easy to read.


Backlinks are the backbone of every social media strategy. Writing a brilliant article is not enough if it never reaches the audience. Backlinks help websites and pages rank higher on Google since they are a crucial part of its algorithm.

Google crawler users backlinks to index your website. There will be negligible traffic directed towards your website or pages if no backlinks are directing it to your content.

Speaking of SEO, backlinks work as a credible stamp for your website. Google amasses all the votes and ensures if your website is worth being in the top ranks. You can get really high rankings if you receive backlinks from websites that are established with high authority. By gaining links to such sites Google feels like your website is worthy in return as well.

User experience

The user experience that your website provides is the final Google ranking factor noted in 2021. There are several things that are key to a brilliant user experience. If you’re wondering the tactics Google uses to measure it, well you’re in the right place. It employs RankBrain, an artificial intelligence program, that includes various other ranking factors such as:

Click-through rate- 

it measures the number of visitors that select your website when presented in the search pages of Google. Your rankings will rise if you focus on increasing your click-through rate. This is even more relevant if you’ve been in the top 5 but can’t seem to move higher.

Bounce rate

Bounce rate is detrimental for your website especially if it is high. Google observes if users select your website but almost immediately backtrack without dealing with the content within. It signals Google that your content is not relevant so that it will rank your website much lower.


The ranking factors of 2021 have received a huge overhaul. There are Google updates to algorithms that are focused on user experience and a huge improvement in the quality of content that is served to the audience. The websites are also deemed to be increasingly mobile-friendly. There is an increase in Google’s understanding of how users receive and perceive the content on websites.

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