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Hosting a WordPress Blog?

March 29th, 2011 Comments off

Generally hosting a wordpress blog is considered as a critical task by normal people but its not as complicated as they really think. There are two ways through which a WordPress website or a WordPress blog. First one is free one and do not required that much deep technical knowledge and the second one is paid one because for that one will hat to go for a website hosting account and own independent domain name for your website or blog. Free wordpress service is available at, one can register for a account for free and create a blog but remember that your blog’s url will include the word always, i.e. This type of blogs are mostly useful for the people who just want to maintain their blog as a personal level as a hobby and as non-commercial one. The paid option is mainly focused towards professional bloggers who are conduction their blogs as a profession and looking for some business from it. In this type they are free to use their own domain name. In this type one need to to buy a shared hosting account which is also widely know as ‘Web Hosting With cPanel‘ as the account will be used for just a blog so you need not to worry about any more expensive option like windows vps hosting or a Dedicated Server a shared account is very cheaply priced and provide enough resources to hosting and manage a blog.

After visiting you will have to download the latest available software with their latest versions. For knowing the detail installation process please visit below url

Advantages Of Hosted Desktop And Desktop Virtualization

March 28th, 2011 Comments off

We know, mainly virtualization is connected with either Windows VPS or Linux VPS services, but as far as typical web hosting services are concerned from people’s point of view, they always think of number of websites on a single web server but in Desktop virtualization process it is not necessary to decrease number of computers and contract the things in to a single server. Reduction in the cost of infrastructure and management required to server maintenance is one of the most important feature of Desktop virtualization. Through manageable desktop environment, modified provision of systems and other devices of client side one can notice the benefit of Desktop virtualization and additionally the important factor like bandwidth is used in more improved manner. Upgrades are easily possible and available to servers in terms of storage and network stuff very easily.

A user uses data and applications from the similar server on which is running and streaming those applications and data, and this allows it to provide improved security to the applications as well as an improvement in transmission of desktop processed workload from client side to the hosted location. Adopting to virtualization also enable to client to split up any important or confidential data and applications and make it secure from any type of suspicious and unauthorized offends. Different level of security patches and permissions can be assigned to virtual machines by network administrators.

Hosting Guide For Newbies.

March 3rd, 2011 Comments off

In today’s hosting market there are lot of web Hosting providers available with attractive discounts and special offer to drive the customers towards their web hosting companies. When a person is totally new to all this then obviously he get confused about all these things and marketing slogans of Web Hosting companies, and if the he is weak in terms of technical knowledge then things become worse for him. Following are some features I would like to share with these type of people so that they can get exact idea about his needs and available options in the market.


These are the very basic but most important tools to be included in hosting services, cPanel is one of the the best control panel for the purpose of managing website and analyze many things about that particular website. Important tasks like creation of new email Ids, parking multiple domains, taking and restoring backups of data are performed throughout the cPanel.


This is another great utility which is used for installation of various web applications. Interface becomes very easy because of Fantastico, web applications like forums, blogs, other open source tools can be installed with a few clicks.

Add-on domains:

Newbies usually get confused when they don’t have enough knowledge about Add-on domains feature which makes it possible to host many website within a single web hosting account. One can add multiple domains and sub-domains using a single shared hosting account.

Shopping carts:

Shopping carts are known as application specially developed for e-commerce websites. Because of shopping carts a webmaster can sell products online and receive payments through online transactions.

Dedicated IP address

Many people have heard about dedicated hosting and they think that dedicated IP concept is related to it only, but the fact is different as dedicated IP can be obtained to keep your website’s identity unique one which helps your website to remain unrelated from other websites which may be fraud or of spammer’s hence may harmful for sharing the same IP address with them. Dedicated IPs are also beneficial from search engine optimization point of view.

There are many other features involved in a web hosting package but here I feel the above one to be highlighted specially while making a web hosting deal.

An Overview Of CDN – Content Delivery Network

March 2nd, 2011 Comments off

Content Delivery Network which is also know with its short form as CDN is a group of highly optimized servers from all over the world, though this group is widely spread one but logically its unique. The system is designed in such a way they user’s request will be redirected towards the closest server to him which produce best results for the websites which have large number of visitors from all over the world. This system works impressively by making a unique system of various web hosting servers which contains data which is placed at various points in network to optimize the bandwidth access to clients all over the network.

Few people might get problem while accessing the images and videos from the servers from long regions but if the the same data made available on a CDN network then it will reflect higher accessibility with higher speeds. The working of CDN is based on specifying the directory on a server which pulls all the files. One need to go into W3 total cache setting to enable the CDN function and make the required changes in URL.

The only drawback of this CDN transparency towards user-side, a user can identify if a CDN is accessed or not, because a delivered URL can be different that the requested URL. But as he is going to access the service much faster then he should not been so worried about it.