Hosting a WordPress Blog?

By | March 29, 2011

Generally hosting a wordpress blog is considered as a critical task by normal people but its not as complicated as they really think. There are two ways through which a WordPress website or a WordPress blog. First one is free one and do not required that much deep technical knowledge and the second one is paid one because for that one will hat to go for a website hosting account and own independent domain name for your website or blog. Free wordpress service is available at, one can register for a account for free and create a blog but remember that your blog’s url will include the word always, i.e. This type of blogs are mostly useful for the people who just want to maintain their blog as a personal level as a hobby and as non-commercial one. The paid option is mainly focused towards professional bloggers who are conduction their blogs as a profession and looking for some business from it. In this type they are free to use their own domain name. In this type one need to to buy a shared hosting account which is also widely know as ‘Web Hosting With cPanel‘ as the account will be used for just a blog so you need not to worry about any more expensive option like windows vps hosting or a Dedicated Server a shared account is very cheaply priced and provide enough resources to hosting and manage a blog.

After visiting you will have to download the latest available software with their latest versions. For knowing the detail installation process please visit below url