An Overview Of CDN – Content Delivery Network

Content Delivery Network which is also know with its short form as CDN is a group of highly optimized servers from all over the world, though this group is widely spread one but logically its unique. The system is designed in such a way they user’s request will be redirected towards the closest server to him which produce best results for the websites which have large number of visitors from all over the world. This system works impressively by making a unique system of various web hosting servers which contains data which is placed at various points in network to optimize the bandwidth access to clients all over the network.

Few people might get problem while accessing the images and videos from the servers from long regions but if the the same data made available on a CDN network then it will reflect higher accessibility with higher speeds. The working of CDN is based on specifying the directory on a server which pulls all the files. One need to go into W3 total cache setting to enable the CDN function and make the required changes in URL.

The only drawback of this CDN transparency towards user-side, a user can identify if a CDN is accessed or not, because a delivered URL can be different that the requested URL. But as he is going to access the service much faster then he should not been so worried about it.

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