Why Is Windows Reseller Hosting More Popular?

By | April 28, 2011

Reseller Web Hosting is one of the best online business available in India as well as all over the world. If we studied this Reseller Hosting India market deeply then we can come to know that the Windows Reseller Hosting has more demand than the Linux Reseller Hosting. Following are the reasons for it which I would like to share through this post.

Development and Design of a Webpage

Windows Reseller hosting platform supports to ASP (Active Server Pages) which is a Microsoft based application and highly used in website development and design, ASP is widely known for availability of various tools and scripts for use of web development and design. This also make you able to feel the suitability according to your requirements.

RDBMS (Relational Database Management System)

On Windows platform one can take advantage of relational database management system which plays very important role for SQL based server.


When compared with the Linux, Windows comes with better compatibility options, which also helps to deal with most of the devices required for a web hosting. Ever websites running on a Unix system can be hosted on a Windows reseller hosting server.

Unique cPanel

Availability of unique cPanel is one of the most important function available with Windows Reseller Hosting, which makes you able to handle and manage all the accounts hosted on a Reseller Hosting Server. In Linux Reseller Hosting you need to create multiple cPanel account for multiple clients.

As above we saw how Windows Reseller Server can have an edge over the Linux Reseller hosting server but you also need to be prepared to pay the extra amount as Windows OS are not for free of charge.