Why Business Owners should Choose Linux Dedicated Servers

By | April 29, 2021

A machine or software that provides various kinds of services to its clients that encompass devices or programs, is called a server. There are many kinds of servers such as application servers, web servers, cloud computing servers, database servers, DNS servers, file servers, and mail servers, etc. There has been substantial improvement in the usage share of operating systems similar to Unix, mostly on servers that are spearheaded with Linux distributions. Operating systems that are Linux-based are opted for by a majority of data centre and internet servers across the globe.

The rise and dominance of Linux have several reasons. In this article, we discuss some of the main reasons Linux server software is the most popular choice.

1. Linux servers are extremely cost-effective

The public can access various open-source programs such as Linux, which leads to web hosting providers needing technical support to help run and manage it. All the users of web hosting have to share the expenses of professional services, which brings down the cost for individual users. A wide variety of free software is provided by a Linux server that makes integration a quick and simple process. You can install and use the server as well as computer software like FTP and DNS or web servers without paying any cost.

2. E-commerce websites can find it highly beneficial

E-commerce websites have evolved over time to find it highly effective and simple to operate with Linux Dedicated Servers. A vast majority of people use e-commerce sites for various purposes, which means the server that is in charge of handling this traffic needs to be effective enough to guarantee the accessibility and smooth operation of these sites. Linux dedicated servers are powerful enough to give this guarantee to run it without any glitches and as efficiently as needed.

3. Top tier security that is almost impossible to penetrate 

Linux server is well renowned to provide top tier security that is almost unbreachable by hackers and other malicious attacks. Since the platform is open, it is extremely affordable and has a strong resistance to cyber attacks due to open source engineering, which also restricts users from accessing the configuration files without permission. 

4. Extreme scalability

The Linux dedicated servers provide a high amount of scalability and flexibility to several scenarios including applying programming languages such as Perl, PHP, and MySQL. This feature is not available in Windows as they do not have provisions for programming languages. Linux based technologies implement embedded systems that optimize server and computer software together.

5. Efficient performance

Linux provides optimum results and functionality when paired with any platform in the industry. It is highly proficient in taking care of several clients at the same time working on a given database with little to no issues. Networking applications are highly supported by Linux dedicated server hosting. Several devices could be combined to use with it. Linux dedicated servers are at the top of their game when it comes to managing spikes in traffic.

6. Reboots are rendered redundant

You need to reset your systems in Windows every time there is an update. Linux, on the other hand, does not require you to reboot your system, regardless of how big or small the update is. You can also change a software configuration or system within Linux without needing a program reboot. Microsoft Windows, unfortunately, requires a reboot following every single fix. 

7. There is more stability in Linux servers

Malfunctions and failures are kept to a minimum by Linux with its healthy operating system that is brilliant at risk management. On the other hand, since Linux does not need a reboot after every update, it minimises downtime even further. Unix, that forms the foundation of Linux is highly resilient and stable that lends its features to the latter as well. Hence, it comes as no surprise that there are no malfunctions detected in a majority of dedicated Linux server hosting in India.

8. Licencing fees are not required

The organisation that implements windows servers are required to pay a specific amount to buy a software license monthly or to purchase an operating system. On the other hand, if you don’t have to pay this cost you can invest this money in some other aspect of your business, that can help it grow. Plus, upgrading and implementing your servers is an extremely straightforward and affordable process. 

9. Applications with open source

Systems that have equal applications in their foundation work optimally, which leads to a Linux server-based business will have the option available to utilise the web hosting control panels with an open-source and various other applications without any issues. Windows programs could employ Linux servers, but an added effort is needed to introduce open-source code for technology that brings in revenue.


It is, therefore, clear for everyone to see why Linux is the most opted for server in the industry. Its high compatibility with other programs and applications make it easy to install and run without any glitches. It has a minimum downtime which is further reduced by not needed reboots for updates. It is also highly affordable, which makes it the best option for businesses big and small.

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