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What are CGI Scripts?

When you choose the good hosting companies and go through the details of he packages you will definitely get this option i.e. CGI Scripting. Hosting companies understand the need of the clients. CGI stands for Common Gateway Interface.  It is a standard for creating web pages. CGI scripts are popular it actually refers to writing… Read More »

What is POP3?

For communication over the internet different formats and standards are defined. There is a standard defined for internet based retrieval of emails by the users from the email server which is POP3 The number denotes that this is the third version of the protocol. This protocol works at the Application layer of the reference model.… Read More »

Understand The Importance of SSL Certificate in Online Business

Today more and more people are becoming aware of the hazards of insufficient online security measures. Its time to become smart and start taking online security seriously. The first step towards this is to have a padlock icon and the prefix ‘https’ in the address bar, to ensure the safety of your online information. It… Read More »

Overview of ODBC

ODBC is short hand for Open  Database Connectivity. It is the standard software Application Program interface (API) method for using Database management system (DBMS). It was designed in an intent to be a language, database and operating system  independent. ODBC Architecture: This architecture comprises of four main components: Application programming Interface (API): This layer is… Read More »