Understand The Importance of SSL Certificate in Online Business

By | July 30, 2009

Today more and more people are becoming aware of the hazards of insufficient online security measures. Its time to become smart and Padlock Iconstart taking online security seriously. The first step towards this is to have a padlock icon and the prefix ‘https’ in the address bar, to ensure the safety of your online information. It is a common trend these days that visitors tend to go back if your website isn’t secured by an SSL certificate.

SSL Encryption LogoAn SSL Certificate, also abbreviated as Secure Socket Layer, is a digital certificate which authenticates the identity of a Website. It also encrypts the information before sending it to the server. An SSL Certificate acts as an online digital passport that contains the credentials of the online business. When an Internet user tries to send confidential information over the internet to the server, the users browser accesses the server’s digital certificate and establishes a secure connection.

Below is the information that is contained in the SSL Certificate:

a) Name of the owner of the SSL Certificate

b) Serial Number and the Expiry date of the Certificate

c) Copy of the certificate owners public key

d) Digital Signature of the Certificate issuing authority

Working of an SSL Certificate:

https and PadlockAn SSL certificate is useful to have safe, secure and easy online shopping experience. It is important that the website in which you enter your confidential details such as the credit card information, personal data and your E-mail address is secured from intrusions and attacks. This necessity is fulfilled by an SSL Certificate. It ensures a safe connection between the browser and the Web Server. With the use of an SSL certificate, the information shared between the two is first and only then sent across. The process of encryption takes place in the background and does not interfere with the users activity, this is known as the SSL Handshake process. The easily visible indicator of a secure website is the ‘padlock’ icon and the ‘https://’ in the prefix of the domain name URL.

Incase, a user sends personal or confidential information over an insecure channel, the built in security of the browser triggers a warning to the user and notifies him/er that the website isn’t secure and the information can be intercepted by any third person. If a user on your website who has made up the mind of purchasing any of your product sees such a windows popping up, s/he is bound to leave the site immediately and your sales would get affected.

There are various SSL Certificates available in the market. You may choose any of them based on the requirement of your website. Most of the Web Hosting service providers offer the service of SSL Certificates. Below are the options of SSL Certificates.

A) Rapid Wildcard SSLWild Card SSL Certificate : You secure unlimited servers with one SSL Certificate, it means you can secure unlimited number of sub domains with a single SSL Certificate. It offers strong 256 bit encryption, a Site Seal and a Web Seal.

B) Extended Validation Certificates: This type of SSL Certificate is proven to offer top most level of security and online assurance.

C) Multiple Domain Certificates: It provides the most flexible class of SSL Certificates by securing multiple domain names with one certificate.

Different web hosting service providers offer SSL Certificates at different prices. You get a Dedicated IP address with the Certificate.