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Using Proxy for Net

Using internet and using Proxy are somewhat now related to each other.  A Proxy is a Web page that allows you to go through the blocked sites. Many times many of the sites are blocked for some reasons, if you want to view such sites, Proxy is the best option. The Filters block the sites,… Read More »

Server and its Types

A server is a computer or simply a device which manages the network resources. There are many types of servers. normally servers are dedicated, means they perform only the work fir which it is meant for, and it performs no other tasks. A computer can perform many tasks at once , a server refer to… Read More »

What is Firewall?

A firewall is software written for the purpose of securing your computer from the threats like hacking, Viruses and worms that try to enter your system from the network. Using firewall is the first step to make your system secured. It is the device or set of devices which is configured to either permit or… Read More »