Server and its Types

A server is a computer or simply a device which manages the network resources. There are many types of servers. normally servers are dedicated, means they perform only the work fir which it is meant for, and it performs no other tasks. A computer can perform many tasks at once , a server refer to the program that manages resources for the clients.

Server platform:
This term is very often used with the Operating system. It is the hardware or software for the system. It an be said as the Engine that drives the server.
Web Server
Server Types:

Applications Servers:

This type of server is widely used and it is a mediater between database and the end users.This is actually a middleware. Middleware is a software that connects two seperate applications.It is sometimes called as plumbing. such common middle ware categories contains:
TP Monitors
DCE Environments
RPC Systems
Object Request Broker (ORBs).
Database access systems
Message Passing

Audio and Video Servers:
This servers supports for online streaming for the websites. Streaming means transfering data such that it can be processed steady and continous stream. Such streaming techmologies are widely growing and gaining importance.

Chat Servers:
This enables large number of data exchange on the internet, it offers real time disscussion capabilities. Real time refers to the events that are simulated by a computer at the same speed that it would occur in real life.

Fax servers:
This type of servers were introduced toreduce the load on inoming and outgoing telephone resources. Big organizations need a dedicated FAX server.

FTP Server:
This servers is one of the oldest form of the service and the most primary ones. File transfer protocol makes it possible to move the files between computers securely.

Groupware Servers:
This type of server is used for user collabration by a software on this server.It works regardless of the location.

IRC Server:
This is a good option for the people those seek real time disscussion capability. the Internet relay chats consists of the various networks of the servers that allow the users to connect to each other via an IRC network.

List Server:
mailing list are managed by this server.It includes interactive discussion or one way lists that contain announcements,newsletter or advertising.

News Server:
It acts as the centralised distribution source for the thousand of public news group which is accessed over the USENET new netrwork.

Proxy Server:
This type of server is an intermediate between client and the external server. It filters the request and improves the importance and also share the connections.

Telnet Server:
This server enables users to log to the host computers and perfor tasks as if they were local.

Web Server:
Web server is responsible to serve the static content to the web browser by loading the files from the disk to the web browser. This contains a large amount of data exchange. This exchange between browser and the server uses HTTP.

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