Main Reasons Of Downtime For Your Websites

For a webmaster its one of the most annoying thing to see his website down. When a website is not accessible, it stops all your business activities. Its little bit fair if such downtimes are informed by web hosting provider ones but unexpected downtime affects very badly to your businesses. There are various reasons of nonexistence of your online presence in the form of website’s downtime. In this post I would like to mention some frequent ones.

  1. Server connectivity failure :- This is the most frequent reason to make a website down and which takes place when Server is down or unreachable due to some issues with network or firewall and such issues causes a web server times out while attempting for connection.
  2. Timeout event while pageload :- When the connection is successful but web page takes more time to get loaded due to overloading of server or network connection, timeout event takes place.
  3. Error 503 Service Unavailable : When Server is temporarily fails to receive request of pageload due to corrupted software or getting overloaded.
  4. Connection refusal by server :- When server responds but refuses any connection due to get overloaded or internal server issues.
  5. DNS lookup Issue :- Due to faulty setting or incorrect configuration of DNS server setting related to domain name, DNS lookup issue arises and domain name can not be resolved.

So here we can understand the importance of the role which web hosting companies have to play to keep a website up for maximum time which is generally called Uptime. In case of Dedicated servers user has right to  take charge of the server but due to some malfunctions performed by him may cause to suffer a downtime of the websites hosted on it. This is also applicable to VPS Hosting as Virtual Private Servers also provide few rights to their clients up to a certain limit.

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