5 Fundamental Hosting Features for WordPress E-Commerce Websites

By | July 27, 2018

Currently, almost every business has their own website because it is not just about physical stores but virtual stores are also gathering leads and making sales for a business. Lately, we have also been focusing a lot on WordPress and E-Commerce websites as it turns out WordPress is a fireball due to the fact that almost 40% of E-Commerce websites are built through WordPress’s E-Commerce plug-in, Woo Commerce.

WordPress CMS is widely known as the best e-commerce website platform among users. WordPress is easy to use and a website can be created on it efficiently and smoothly. WordPress offers multiple ways to create an online store for all types of services and products. One of the main advantages of creating a website with WordPress is that you can instantly create a website without investing much of your time. A proper dynamic website can be created through WordPress CMS. With the right tools in your website, you can even accept payments and manage inventories. Taking your WordPress e-commerce to the next level is only possible if you have the right fit of Hosting and Plug-ins for your website.

If you want your website to perform at the best level, then you also need a good hosting service for your website. Let’s look at some of the hosting features you need for WordPress E-Commerce Websites:

1. Hosting service should always be there

Your website represents your business and it attracts potential customers online so that they can have a look at your product portfolio and can avail of the service which you are offering. It is very important to protect your website from online threats and thus a good hosting provider will ensure that you have all the safety you need. Your website should be up all the time because if your website is not functioning properly then it may lead to customer loss. Maintaining your reputation in the market is important or else no one will ever visit your website due to loading error or unavailability of your website.

2. The hosting provider should provide top performance

Your e-commerce website needs to be up in order to make sales at any point in time. Unlike physical stores, online stores do not have a specific time of operation and users will visit your website when they wish to no matter the time of the day. Thus you should ask your hosting provider for a powerful hardware which supports your website performance though day and night without downtime or any hardware issue where the load cannot be balanced efficiently. Your website’s performance will result in Google ranking and visitor’s conversion rates.

3. Total Security

Your e-commerce website accepts payments and online transactions which contains account information of your customers which is very important data for both the parties involved in the transactions. Nowadays there are multiple online frauds, website hacks, malware and vulnerability attacks on e-commerce websites because they continuously carry out online transactions and so they are a top target for attackers. It should be a top priority for you as a website owner to provide the highest security to your website to prevent any attacks which might cause huge damages to your business. Protecting the information of your customer is your responsibility and thus you should always protect your website with anti-malware and website security scanners. Upgrade your website and update your web applications so that you are not vulnerable to any kind of attacks.

4. Hosting service which will fit your requirements

When you run an e-commerce website, you probably have a wide range of products and services which you offer; but you should always feel the need to update and increase your product portfolio because it gives a customer a chance to thoroughly go through your product range. For you to make changes on your website and making updates, you will need control panel of your hosting account to carry out the changes on your website. Choosing the right platform to build your website is an important decision. Through WordPress, you can easily update your website using the admin panel where you can add new products and services, update your content, revise prices and many other things which you can do with a single control panel.

5. The support you need

One of the most important aspects to consider while opting for a web hosting provider is to look for the support they can provide. Look for a hosting provider who will provide you with 24/7 support or live chat which will solve your issues immediately. You are running an e-commerce website which should function properly at all times and you should fix any problems faced by your website on priority.


These are the 5 hosting features which are very vital for your website as discussed which are essential for your WordPress e-commerce website. You should choose a hosting provider who will offer all the suitable and relevant features for your WordPress e-commerce websites.