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MBA turned Tech Writer, I am passionate about Fast Life, Fast Cars and Fast Technology. As I am new into content writing and recently joined the ESDS bandwagon, I love to project my thoughts on Cloud Computing and related matters...

Essential features of a Cloud Backup Service

Features of a Cloud Backup Service by Host Any kind of business generates huge amounts of data and it is important to store that data in case there is a disaster in the future so that all the data can be backed up to reform your business. Storing your data on external hard drives is… Read More »

Prevent Hackers from touching your E-commerce Website

Prevent Hackers from touching your E-commerce Website Hackers always look to intrude in your e-commerce website to either gain control of your website or steal important data. For an e-commerce website owner, it is very crucial to protect their website and the customer’s data so that it doesn’t fall in the wrong hands which can… Read More »

Explained: Basics of Cloud Computing Concepts and Terminology!

Basics of Cloud Computing Concepts and Terminology By Whats is Cloud Computing? With the rise in adoption of computer computing all over the world, people have started using desktops, laptops, and tablets in their day-to-day life for various types of needs. As there is an increase in the use of computers among people, the… Read More » is The Best Business Hosting Provider in India

Companies without a website face a real challenge in the market because they have lacked behind to create an online presence between potential customers and competitors. Almost every business has its own website which showcases the services that they provide along with the company overview which educates the website visitor.  To host your website, you… Read More »

10 Things to Check before Purchasing Web Hosting

You can never get a good web hosting provider for your website without first knowing what you need. The first step towards choosing a web host is to understand your business requirements and then moving forward in the process of choosing the best web hosting service. Do you need a backup solution or high-speed internet,… Read More »

5 Fundamental Hosting Features for WordPress E-Commerce Websites

Currently, almost every business has their own website because it is not just about physical stores but virtual stores are also gathering leads and making sales for a business. Lately, we have also been focusing a lot on WordPress and E-Commerce websites as it turns out WordPress is a fireball due to the fact that… Read More »