Factors To Consider Before Choosing Unmanaged Hosting Services

Majority of Webmasters think that its wise decision to go for managed web hosting services. And the reasons may be different behind ‘why they think so?’ Many webmasters are also businessmen and they can not spend much time in managing their servers and websites. Almost all the web hosting service providers provide 27 X 4 support to their clients at an affordable rate. Going for unmanaged hosting involves lots of risks and also requires that much experience of server handling. Webmasters who are newbies and has never performed any activities regarding server modification and changes are supposed to go for managed web hosting and they also don’t have any other option because of lack of knowledge and experience.

Here I would like to raise some questions which can help each webmasters to make the decision between managed web hosting and unmanaged web hosting.

  • Do you have enough access to web server in the hosting package you want to buy?
  • Do you have enough experience and knowledge for fixing the Server issues?
  • Do you have knowledge to patch a server remotely and with new security issues?
  • Do your website has any special requirements which can not fulfilled by support staff of a web hosting services provider?
  • How much you are going to save by selecting an unmanaged web hosting service?
  • Can the time spent in server managing be utilized for more beneficial business activities?

After considering the above question one can judge easily either to go for managed hosting or unmanaged hosting.

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