Description of Various Domain extensions

By | December 15, 2010

Below mentioned are the description for various domain extensions, these domain extensions are easily available with companies offering Web Hosting Services and also Reseller Web Hosting Services

.COM (Commercial) – This domain extension is the most highly recognized domain name extension. It is generally used for commercial use.

.NET (Network) – This domain extension was defined for use by network oriented sites in the initial stages but is not the same now a days. Its being used for commercial use as-well if .com extension is not available for the desired domain name.

.ORG (Organization) – It is normally intended to be used by trade organizations or non profit organizations. But it is also seen to be taken by commercial use websites for keeping all the extensions for a particular domain name.

.EDU (Education) – This domain extension is mainly used by educational organizations for their websites.

.BIZ (Business) – This domain type is looked up a alternative for .com extensions when it comes to business use. Mainly .biz domain extensions are used by websites into business.

.INFO (Informational) – It is one of the most popular domain extension after .com, .net and .org. It is used by informational websites holding on to its value solely for informational websites.

.MOBI (Mobile) – This domain extension is generally registered by corporates to keep a hold onto their brand name. Its quite a new domain extension generally used by websites displaying on Mobile devices.

.TV (Television) – This domain type is strictly used for media and visual promoting websites.

.WS (Website) – This domain extension was fore-casted to be very popular because of its use as an acronym for a website, but did not enjoy that much of popularity.

.ME (ME) – This is one of the latest domain extensions available for use. Mainly used for personal or family websites and blogs.

.NAME (NAME) – This domain extension is very similar to .ME extensions mainly used for for personal and family websites or simply used for name related email addresses.

.CO.IN (India) – This domain extension is used by Indian Based Businesses.

.CA (Canada) – This domain extension is normally reserved for Canadian based businesses.

.CO.UK (United Kingdom) – This domain is being used for commercial use by UK based websites. But the use of this domain is not restricted to only use in UK

.CN (China) – This domain extensions is basically intended to be used in China but is not restricted. It can be used by other users as per requirement.