A Complete Detail of ASP.NET Features

This programming language has proved to be a boon for developers. Listed below are the features of ASP.NET

Easy Programming model:

It makes building the real world easier. With the style of HTML which enables you to create big pages with
less code. What important is that ASP.NET pages work well in all browsers.

Flexible Language Options
ASP.NET supports more than 25 .Net languages, which gives you flexibility in the choice of languages.

Great Tool Support.
You can write code for ASP.NET using notepad or a text editor. You can design ASP.NET web forms using a drag-drop-double-click technique with statement completion and color coding. It has support for debugging and deploying ASP.NET applications.


Rich Class Framework.
Most of the application features need a third-party component that can now be added with a few lines of code using the .NET framework. The .Net framework offers over 4500 classes that encapsulate rich functionality like XML, Data access, file, upload, regular expression, image generation, performance monitoring, logging, and much more.

Compiled Execution.
ASP.NET is faster than classic ASP, while preserving the “just hit save” update model of ASP.  However, no explicit compile step is required. ASP.NET will automatically detect any changes, dynamically compile the files if needed, and store the compiled results to reuse for subsequent requests. Dynamic compilation ensures that your application is always up to date, and compiled execution makes it fast.

Rich output caching.
ASP.NET output caching improves the performance and scalability of your application. ASP.NET executes the page just once, and saves the result in memory in addition to sending it to the user, when the same page is requested by the other user, the page is served from the cache.

Output caching is configurable, and can be used to cache individual regions or an entire page. Output caching improves the performance of data-driven pages by eliminating the need to query the database on every request.

Web-Farm Session State.
ASP.NET allows you to share session data across all machines in your web farm.

Enhanced Reliability.
ASP.NET ensures that the application is always available to the users.

Memory Leak, DeadLock, and Crash Protection.
ASP.NET automatically detects and removes the errors like memory leaks and deadlock.

Easy Deployment.
Deployment is very easy with ASP.NET as a simple HTML page, just copy it to the server

Dynamic update of running application.
ASP.NET now lets you update compiled components without restarting the web server.

Easy Migration Path.
ASP runs on an IIS server, so you don’t have to migrate your existing applications to use ASP.NET.

XML Web Services
Regardless of the operating system and programming language the XML webs services allow the application to share data over the internet

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